6 budget meal ideas

Eating well can feel like a challenge when you’re having to watch what you spend, but tasty, nourishing food doesn’t need to break the bank.

Here’s a range of budget-friendly meals that are healthy, flavour-packed and filling, proving that low-cost food can still deliver when it comes to taste.

With the help of your Kenwood products, many of them can be made in bulk so you can freeze portions for another day, or adapted to include ingredients you already have in your cupboard. They can also be served in a variety of ways, to help keep things interesting.


Cheesy baked meatballs

Easy to make and filling, meatballs are always a favourite with the whole family. In this recipe they are baked in a rich, herb and garlic-infused tomato sauce, topped with grated mozzarella and parmesan.

As in the recipe, you can use your stand mixer’s food mincer attachment to mince chunks of beef, or buy a cheaper cut of beef such as flank, to mince.

To make the meat go further, try combining it with finely diced carrot or courgette, or even lentils. Swapping the fresh herbs for dried will also keep costs down, without compromising on flavour.

If you have lots of ingredients to use up, make double quantities of both the meatballs and the tomato sauce so you have some for the freezer, too.

Rustic pizza

Homemade pizzas are cheap and easy to make, and a great family meal that everyone can get involved in making.

In this recipe you use your Titanium Chef Patissier XL’s handy presets to knead and prove the dough, but when it comes to choosing your toppings, you can get creative with whatever you have in the fridge. From leftover peppers, broccoli and mushrooms to different cheeses, herbs and meats, pretty much anything goes.

The tomato sauce could even be replaced with any leftover pesto that you may need to use up, for a twist on a more traditional pizza.

This recipe is for 4 large pizzas, but you can make double the dough and tomato sauce and freeze half, ready for another speedy midweek dinner.

Mexican noodle soup

Bursting with colour, flavour and nourishing goodness, this Mexican noodle soup is the perfect winter warmer. While this version of the classic dish uses squash, carrots, celery, courgettes and peppers, you can experiment with any other veg you need to use up, while any leftover herbs like coriander or oregano would work well, too.

While the recipe references using the Express Dice attachment with your food processor, you can just chop the vegetables using the knife blade if you don’t have the attachment.

Spaghetti alla carbonara

The perfect midweek meal, this classic Italian pasta dish uses only a handful of everyday ingredients. The authentic way to make a deliciously creamy carbonara sauce doesn’t involve any cream at all, just egg yolks and parmesan, while you can use bacon instead of pancetta- just make sure it’s unsmoked.

While the recipe shows you just how easy making your own fresh pasta is with the help of your stand mixer and the lasagne roller and spaghetti attachment, you can always use dried pasta when time is short and everyone is hungry.

Pumpkin dhal

This deliciously easy vegetarian dish freezes really well and can be served as a main meal, lunch or side dish, making it a great batch cooking staple.

This recipe shows how to make both the dahl and some chapati to serve with it using your Cooking Chef, but you could also make them with a food processor. The pumpkin makes the dhal wonderfully sweet and creamy, but you could adapt the recipe and use other veg that you have to hand- sweet potato works really well with the lentils too, and stirring in a handful of spinach right at the end gives it an extra nutritional boost.

Cheesy chickpea burgers

High in fibre and protein and jam-packed full of flavour, these tasty chickpea burgers are made using basic store cupboard ingredients and are ready in just 30 minutes.

Use your food processor to blitz the ingredients down to make the patties- you can use tinned chickpeas instead to make it an even more purse-friendly dish, and then top with melted mozzarella. Delicious served in a toasted brioche bun with sriracha mayonnaise.