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Getting the most out of your Triblade hand blender

From blending to pureeing, chopping to whisking, your Triblade hand blender can tackle a range of kitchen prep tasks. Here’s our guide to getting the most from these easy to use, versatile kitchen gadgets, along with some recipe inspiration for a range of dishes you can make using your Triblade.


Meet the Triblade range of hand blenders. With a powerful motor that can chop and blend hard and soft ingredients effortlessly, and advanced triple blade technology for fast, efficient results, these versatile kitchen companions offer superior blending with minimal fuss. But that’s not all; with an array of attachments available, models within the Triblade range can also whisk, mash, purée and chop. 

So whether you’re batch cooking some soup on the hob, whizzing up a silky smooth sauce or making a healthy breakfast smoothie, your Triblade can tackle it all- and so much more besides. For a taste of all it can do, here’s a guide to getting the most out of this little kitchen whizz, along with some delicious inspiration for some of the things you can make with it. 

Why use the Triblade hand blender?

792x600HMB40_Triblade-XL_Purée-and-Masher_Fishcakes_246.jpg 792x600HMB40_Triblade-XL_Purée-and-Masher_Fishcakes_246.jpg
Quick and convenient to use, easy to clean and compact to store, the Triblade range of hand blenders are designed to offer faster blending and finer results. 

Whether you’re a budding cook keen to experiment with new recipes and techniques, or you’re looking for an easy to use tool to help take on a range of food prep tasks, create quick everyday meals or simply banish lumps from your gravy or sauces for good, your Triblade hand blender will transform how you cook. And it’s just so simple to use, with a long wand that allows you to blend even large volumes directly into your pan or bowl, with no mess or extra washing up. Just plug in, press the button and go.

But the Triblade blender goes way beyond blending. Interchangeable attachments mean this appliance is a true multi-tasker. With easy twist fittings, you can seamlessly swap between blending and mashing, whisking and chopping; using just one appliance to create creamy mash, chunky soups, featherlight meringues or delicious dressings. And because the Triblade is all about convenience, when you’re finished creating you can just pop most of the wands and attachments straight in the dishwasher, and spend your time enjoying your meal instead of cleaning up.


The Triblade technology

With three specially positioned blades, the Triblade blender makes quick work of even the toughest ingredients. Whether you’re blitzing through nuts, chocolate, frozen fruit or root vegetables, it does the job quickly and efficiently, with the angle of the blades ensuring no ingredient is left behind and everything is evenly blended and chopped. The foot’s ribbed interior is designed to reduce suction as you blend, while its unique shape prevents splashing. 

Small, but mighty...

Small they may be, but the Triblade XL and Triblade XL + still pack a mighty punch, with both boasting a powerful motor (an impressive 850W and 1000W respectively) that can tackle even the hardest ingredients effortlessly. 

All our Triblade blenders have a turbo function, enabling you to use that extra burst of power just when you need it, while the Suregrip™handle and touchpoint makes it comfortable to hold and easy to operate, even when your hands are wet or greasy. Models like the Triblade XL + also offer variable speed settings to keep you in complete control of the consistency of dishes, making them as fine or chunky as you like. Being able to gradually increase your speed as you work also means less potential mess, as it reduces the chance of your ingredients splattering all over the kitchen. 

What comes in the box?

Although you can buy the Triblade blender wand on its own, the rest of the models in the Triblade range come with an array of different attachments to help you get creative in the kitchen, most of which are dishwasher safe. 

With an 800W motor, variable speeds and turbo function, the Triblade System Hand Blender comes with all the available attachments, including:
Metal Triblade blending wand
Purée masher making mashing up to 2 x easier than by hand, and great for purées too
Soup XL wand
Metal balloon whisk to whip up cream, desserts and meringue
0.5L chopper for preparing small batches of ingredients like herbs or nuts
0.75l easy pour beaker for measuring and blending 

Both the chopper and blending beaker have non-slip rubber bases. 

What can you make with your hand blender?

With a versatile tool that can blend, chop, puree, mash and whisk, the quick answer is, a lot more than just soups. 

The Triblade’s innovative angled blade design means it’s excellent at blending ingredients really finely, making it the perfect tool to make a range of sauces, dips and dressings, including pesto, tapenade and mayonnaise. Why not try this rich and creamy cranberry and walnut hummus, perfect for a wholesome lunch or snack .

Or do you fancy starting your day with a nutritious smoothie? You can use your Triblade to get your fruit fix with this vitamin-packed simple fruit smoothie, or for a natural energy boost try a dairy breakfast shake. Sweet tooth craving  something a little more indulgent? Treat yourself to one of these mocha freakshakes, made in just 10 minutes using your Triblade.

Talking of indulgence, did you know you can also use your Triblade hand blender to make an array of decadent desserts and sweet treats? These decidedly moreish banana and pecan muffins always go down well, while this chocolate and ginger mousse is the perfect fuss-free dinner party dessert. 
And then there’s baby purees, pie fillings- even complete meals like these salmon, quinoa and sweet potato burgers…. the list goes on. And of course, we couldn’t forget about soups! The Triblade makes it easy to power through large batches of your favourite winter warmers in one go, ready to stock up the freezer. Our favourites include this recipe for a flavoursome chicken, sweet potato and nut butter soup and this tasty vegan curried cauliflower rice soup

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