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The Kenwood Spiralizer has arrived. It's a vegetable spiral slicer which can turn fruit and vegetables into low-carb vegetable noodles, spirals and ribbons of 'pasta' effortlessly. Your results will be healthy and filling, and contain a fraction of the calories. Ideal if you want to improve your diet and eat more healthily, or for gluten free and clean eating.

Why Spiralize?

Why Spiralizer

Spiralizing allows you to turn even the most boring fruit and vegetables into a variety of spirals, noodles and ribbons. The results make a great replacement for pasta and rice, and you and your family can enjoy healthier meals together. Spiralizers are easy to use, mess free and can handle a variety of fruit and veg with no fuss at all

Spiralized food can be purchased pre-prepared from supermarkets, but it is incredibly easy and much cheaper to create your own low carb, low calorie dishes at home.

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Why Spiralize

Healthy made easy

Your vegetable spiralizer is supplied with several healthy recipes which include salads, vegetable linguine, noodles and ramen dishes, so you can get started straight away. Just add your ingredients, process in your electric spiralizer, and you can create stunning plates in minutes. Even food fussy toddlers will love your results.