Cooking chef

Your best is yet to come

Indulge your passion for food, and allow the COOKING CHEF to inspire you to try new ingredients and recipes, as well as support you in creating everyday classics. From preparing ingredients to enjoying the end result, the COOKING CHEF is here to help you in your kitchen journey.


With a wide temperature range from 20°C-180°C, the COOKING CHEF is extremely adaptable, allowing you to melt chocolate and prove dough on low temperatures, simmer casseroles and boil sauces on mid-range temperatures, and stir fry meat and vegetables on high temperatures.


From luxurious patisseries and delicate sauces, to sizzling stir fries and flavoursome curries, the 20 pre-set programs have been designed to help you master a wide range of dishes and techniques.

The easy-to-use digital display will guide you through each stage of the process, making it straight forward and giving you the confidence to try new recipes.

  • K Beater

    This signature tool will help you achieve superior results, be it delicious biscuits, moist cakes or buttery shortcrust pastry.

  • Power whisk

    The power whisk can easily whip up light and fluffy meringue, batter and meal accompaniments like mayonnaise and hollandaise sauce.

  • Dough hook

    Whether it’s dough for baguettes or brioche, pizza or pasta, the durable dough hook can effortlessly knead all types of dough.

  • Creaming beater

    Through its flexibility, this tool ensures all ingredients are combined, helping you to create the smoothest custard, chocolate ganache or Béchamel sauce.

  • Stir tool

    The stir tool is the best there is for creating slow cooked dishes like chilli con carne and curry, and fast cooked dishes, including stir fries and chicken fajitas.


The COOKING CHEF has optional attachments such as electronic scales for accurate weighing of ingredients, food processor and blender, allowing you to create homemade salsa and blend healthy smoothies and soups.

There are over 20 additional attachments available, so whether you want to mince your own meat or cut pasta shapes, the COOKING CHEF helps you master the craft with ease.

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