The Chef Sense


Create your own moments with the new

Chef Sense

65 Years and Counting

We have moulded 65 years of food preparation know-how into the very fabric of our new Chef

Every dial, switch, mechanic and attachment has been carefully crafted to give you ultimate control over your recipes.


Made to measure

Bowl graduations

Featuring graduations in litres, fluid ounces and cups for easy measuring of ingredients straight into the bowl and handles for a comfortable grip, even with wet hands.

4.6 or 6.7 litre bowl

The capacity of the stainless steel bowl allows you to knead enough dough for up to 4 loaves of bread or 32 cupcakes, even more with Chef Sense XL with a 6.7 litres capacity!

The perfect tools for all
your baking needs

The K-Beater

The K-Beater

For creamy cakes, biscuit mixtures and crumbly pastry.

The Balloon Whisk

The Balloon Whisk

For light and foamy whipped mixtures

The Dough Hook

The Dough Hook

Takes the hard work out of kneading heavy dough.

The Balloon Whisk

The Folding Tool

Provide perfect light mixtures. Ideal for mousses, soufflés, light sponges and macaroons.

The Dough Hook

The Creaming Beater

Provides the smoothest results. An excellent tool for cake & dessert recipes.


The perfect mix...
guaranteed every time

The total mix planetary action ensures the bowl tools pick up ingredients from around the sides, bottom and through the middle of the bowl providing a perfectly combined mixture every time.


Total Control at your fingertips

The intelligent control dial increases the speed from a soft start to full speed providing mess free control with no over processing.

The fold function delivers an extra slow speed combining light and heavy ingredients together whilst maintaining plenty of air and volume.

Pulse provides a quick blast of power when using the high speed attachments.

One Machine, 20+ attachments,
a world of possibilities


Blend up

The 1.6 litre Thermoresist glass blender is heat resistant, letting you blend hot soups or ice cold smoothies without risk of cracking. Redesigned for the Chef Sense, the Thermoresist glass blender now features our unique MultiZone blades for expert performance.


Slice and Grate

Made from a robust, shatterproof Tritan TM material, the food processor is supplied with 6 stainless steel discs for grating, slicing, chopping and rasping reducing the time required to prepare a meal. The knife blade is also ideal for chopping meat, fish and vegetables and is great for creating dips and pates.



Juice lemons and oranges with this handy citrus press attachment. Simply fit onto your machine and enjoy freshly pressed orange juice, or add to cake and sauce recipes for some extra flavour.


Grind meat

The high performance food mincer is able to grind a variety of meat, vegetables and nuts using the three inclusive screens; fine (3mm), medium (4.5mm) and coarse (8mm). Sausage making adaptors are also included with the mincer for fresh, healthy, home-made sausages plus an adaptor for creating kebbe.


Roll out

Create fresh, home-made pasta with our selection of pasta attachments. First make the dough in the bowl using the k-beater or dough hook, then you can either use the pasta roller and cutters to create lasagne, spaghetti, tagliatelle, taglioni or trenette or fit the pasta shaper for a classic rigati. These are even optional pasta dies and a biscuit maker available to add to you shaper attachment.



The Kenwood dicing attachment is ideal for hard root vegetables, hard cheeses and meats. the stainless steel dicing disc and grid creates 10mm x 10mm cubes. It has a direct serve food outlet and even comes complete with a specially designed cleaning tool.

Additional attachments

With even more attachments, from a frozen dessert maker to juicers, dicing attachment to a chopper, you can tailor your own Chef to help food preparation even easier.

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Mess free mixing

Shatterproof splashguard with extra large feed chute, allows you to add ingredients to the bowl whilst mixing without creating mess.


Fit attachments in 1 easy twist

Easier and quicker than ever before, the twist fit system allows you to fit slow speed attachments in a flash. Simply plug in and twist to lock into place.

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Fuss free usability

Really easy to access, the head can be opened and locked back into position with a simple touch. The built in security interlock will cut the power to the motor automatically when opened.


No trailing cords

Only use the amount of cord needed to plug in then store away neatly after use.

Quality and even more quantity?

Upgrade to the Chef Sense XL

Upgrade To the Chef Sense XL

Chef Sense

1100 W of power

4.6 litres bowl capacity

Chef Sense XL

1200W of power

6.7 litres bowl capacity

Designed and engineered by Kenwood

Kenwood Chef & Major Range

More than just a food mixer, the Kenwood Chef and Major kitchen machines represent the very best of Kenwood design and engineering.

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Full specifications

Chef Sense
Chef Sense XL
Body material
Die cast aluminium
Die cast aluminium
Bowl Material
Brushed stainless steel
Brushed stainless steel
Spare Bowl Material
Brushed stainless steel
Brushed stainless steel
Bowl tool material
Non-stick coated metal
Non-stick coated metal
White & silver
White & silver
Motor power
Size (cm)
30H x 39W x 29.5D
35H x 41W x 29.5D
Bowl size
4.6 litres
6.7 litres
Electronic speed control
Fold function
Total mixing action