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What is the difference between the Chef models?

Put simply – there are three main types of Chef and Major.

The power in each machine increases as you go through the Classic, Premier and Titanium ranges.

Classic Chef or Classic Major - the first machine in the range. This machine takes a lot of its design style from the 1970's and 80's Chef, a design many people grew up with. It is of course now featuring today's motor. The range includes the three traditional bowl tools: K-beater, dough hook and balloon whisk with many versions also including the classic 1.5L blender.

Premier Chef or Premier Major - Upgrades usually include a heat proof blender and creaming beater -check individual packages.

Chef Sense or Chef Sense XL - The newest addition to the family! Utilises a new slow speed connector, however an adapter is supplied in pack to enable you to use most of your existing attachments (Not A701/A707). Modern, sleek styling and several new features are included.

Titanium Chef or Titanium Major - Top of the range model with stainless steel tools and the only one with the ability to use medium speed accessories such as the food processor (included). Also includes creaming beater and heat proof blender (KMM/ KMC models) or glass blender (KM models). The bowl also has handles.

Also available:

Cooking Chef - The Cooking Chef is a Titanium Major, complete with all the tools and accessories, with induction cooking as an additional ability.

Titanium "Mega Packs" - The same as the Titanium pack plus the top selling attachments included such as the food grinder, mill jar, citrus juicer and kitchen scales.