Classic Chef in White with Silver Trim KM336


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A true kitchen classic. The Kenwood Chef has been fuelling creativity for generations and is like having an extra pair of hands in the kitchen.
Built to last


The longevity of the Kenwood Chef is the stuff of baking legend. We've performance tested the range by making over 250,000 cakes – a lifetime’s work. And every Chef can be serviced to keep it performing brilliantly.

4.6L Dishwasher Safe Bowl


The 4.6L dishwasher safe bowl handles as much or little as you want to mix. From a small egg white to batter for 44 cupcakes, tackle any bake with ease.

Key Features

Every ingredient in the mix
Every ingredient in the mix Our unique planetary mixing covers the entire side, centre and bottom of the bowl. No mix is missed or wasted. All you’re left with is perfection.
Customise your Chef
Customise your Chef Expand your creativity with our huge range of 25 optional attachments. Connecting to the high or slow speed hub, they’ll blend, slice, shred, grate, make pasta, slow juice... all to perfection.
Deliciously different results
Deliciously different results Different jobs require different tools. You're always prepared with a set of three sturdy tools. Every Chef comes with a whisk, dough hook and our signature K-Beater – a true baking all-rounder.



Blender: No
Dough tool: Yes
Whisk: Yes
K-beater: Yes
Blender material: Plastic


Electronic speed control: Yes
Total mixing action: Yes

general specifications

Size (LxWxH) (cm): 23.5 x 39 x 29
Bowl size (L): 4.6
Weight (kg): 6.5
Body material: Die cast aluminium & plastic
Speed: Variable
Bowl material: Polished stainless steel
Bowl tools material: Coated Aluminium
Colour: White with silver trim
Wattage: 800W


Capacity - cake (kg): 2.7
Capacity - dough (kg): 2.2
Capacity - flour for pastry (kg): 680g
Capacity - egg whites: 12 Maximum


Dishwasher safe parts: Yes
Bowl attachment outlet: Yes
Outlet - slow speed: Yes
Outlet - high speed: Yes
Recipe suggestions: Yes
Spatula: Yes
Splashguard: Yes
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The main difference between the two machines is the size.

The Major has a 6.7L bowl and the Chef a 4.6L bowl.

The motor size will also be higher for a Major verses its comparable Chef sized machine. For example, the KM631 Major Classic has 900w power compared with the KM336 Chef Classic which has 800w power.

It is worth noting that the Major is a taller and heavier machine as it can mix larger quantities at one time.

We are proud to be able to say that the Kenwood Chef and Major have been manufactured for over 60 years.

The list below will help you identify how old your machine is. Your model number can be found on the underside of the machine.

Older Chef Models

1950 – 1957 A700 Chef

1953 – 1958 A706 Major

1957 – 1960 A700D Chef

1958 – 1963 A706D Major

1960 – 1962 A701 Chef

1960 – 1966 A320 Chefette Hand Mixer

1962 – 1976 A701A Chef

1963 – 1966 A707 Major

1966 – 1979 A707A Major

1969 – 1978 A702 Chef 110V

1969 – 1976 A717 Major 110V

1973 – 1979 A355 Chefette

1979 – 1981 A717C Major

1976 – 1981 A901 Chef (Current attachments fit this machine, and later models)

1980 – 1982 A530 Processor Deluxe

1981 – 1985 A901DL Chef Deluxe

1981 – 1987 A907D Major

1982 – 1989 A532/4 Food Processor

1983 – 1985 A375 Chefette

1983 – 1988 A902 Chef Excel

1984 – 1987 A904 Chef Excel

1992 – 1998 KM200 Chef

1998 – 2006 KM300 Chef

2003 – 2006 KM001/2/3 Chef

2006 – 2013 KM336, KMC510, KMC560, KM010, KM020

2009 – Current KM069, KM070, KM080 Cooking Chef

2012 – Current KM337, KMC010, KMC030, KM400, KMM020, KMC570 2013 – Current KM353/5/7 series Classic Retro Chef.

2014 - Current KVC5000/KVC6000 Chef Sense (New slow speed attachment system)

Classic Chef in White with Silver Trim KM336

Classic Chef in White with Silver Trim KM336

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