When it comes to food preparation, the MultiOne really is one solution for everything. Grate your way to easier and healthier meals or use the mixer to whisk, beat and mix your way to delicious desserts and treats. With MultiOne on your side you’ll always have a helping hand to make something new.

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Making mixing easy

The four dedicated MultiOne bowl tools make creating cakes and breads simple. 

  • Mix up cake batters in seconds with the unique k-beater that reaches every part of the bowl
  • Whip up meringues with the specially designed balloon whisk
  • Knead bread to perfection with our spiral dough hook, designed to help you take all the hard work out of baking breads
  • The creaming beater, made of soft plastic, scrapes the surface of the bowl like a spatula providing a smooth consistent texture.

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Take the hassle out of food preparation

The MultiOne machine comes with a wide variety of attachments to make food preparation faster and easier. Chop up vegetables in seconds with the food processor complete with stainless steel knife blades and 3 discs for slicing, grating and rasping and create fresh healthy juices with the juicer attachment.

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Big enough for all the family

With a 4.3 litre bowl, the MultiOne is great for feeding the whole family. The powerful 1000W motor takes everything in its stride, making those family meals a breeze to make.

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Super easy-to-use

Get the whole family involved with easy to use features. The simple head lift system and splashguard with feed chute means cooking is never a chore. And never worry about mess again with the intelligent soft start variable speed control that gradually increases the speed and stops ingredients from spilling out the bowl.