Essential attachments for your kMix Kitchen Machine

Create simple and indulgent dishes with ease when used with the kMix Boutique Kitchen Machine. Positioned behind the front cover is a slow speed power outlet that provides the perfect balance of slow speed and high torque needed to drive specialised attachments essential for preparation tasks like grinding minced meat, sausage-making, pasta rolling and cutting. All attachments are easily fit onto the machine and are made with metal of the highest quality for long-lasting and professional performance.

Multi Food Grinder AX950 Zoom IconsView Gallery

Multi Food Grinder AX950
Prepare a huge variety of dishes from home-made burgers to meat pies, sausages, kebbes, pates, terrines and pasta dishes. Three screens included for fine, medium and course grinding of meats, as well as nuts and vegetables.

Pasta Roller AX970 Zoom IconsView Gallery

Pasta Roller AX970
With easy to adjust, variable settings, roll out the pasta dough to one of nine thicknesses and then select from a range of pasta cutters to create different types of flat pasta.

Tagliatelle Pasta Cutter AX971 Zoom IconsView Gallery

Tagliatelle Pasta Cutter AX971
Simply feed the freshly rolled pasta dough into the pasta cutter to achieve perfectly cut, 6mm wide tagliatelle strips.

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