Cook straight in the bowl with the Kenwood Cooking Chef KM080

The Cooking Chef is an innovative food mixer with built in induction cooking, allowing you to cook everything from creamy risottos to spicy curries straight in the bowl. The special total mix planetary action will make sure all your ingredients are mixed in thoroughly and evenly with nothing stuck to the sides of the bowl, leaving you more time to entertain friends and family or to prepare side dishes and desserts.

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Save time with a variety of features

The Kenwood Cooking Chef features the latest induction heat technology that is more energy efficient and responsive than traditional heating elements.

With cooking temperatures ranging from 20°C to 140°C, with 2°C precision, the Cooking Chef can help you prepare everything from smooth, rich sauces to delicious homemade jams. And the built in timer will help you avoid overcooking or burning your food, leaving you more time to focus on preparing the other parts of your meal.

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24 optional attachments, 100s of possibilities

With 8 speed settings, 3 pre-set stirring programmes and a pulse and a fold function, the Cooking Chef kitchen machine gives you complete control over how you prepare your food, whether it’s whilst mixing, slicing or whisking. Including a generous 6.7 litre bowl with a 3 litre cooking capacity, no meal is too large or too ambitious for the Kenwood Cooking Chef. 

And with 24 optional attachments available, from food mincers to frozen dessert makers, potato peelers to pasta makers, the Kenwood Cooking Chef is an essential time saving kitchen tool for any accomplished chef.

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With a powerful 1500W motor and 1100W cooking power, unique induction cooking and three-speed stirring system, plus a host of attachments, you'll be amazed at what you can achieve.

From risottos to choux pastry, the Kenwood Cooking Chef has it all under control.

Cooking Chef Checklist

Checklist tick mark  Create perfectly combined cake mixtures with the total mix planetary action

Checklist tick mark  Cook soups and sauces to perfection with induction cooking, ranging from 20°C to 140°C

Checklist tick mark  Never overcook or burn your food with the built in timer, ranging from 5 seconds to 3 hours

Checklist tick mark  Cook, chop, slice, blend, roll and mix food, all with one kitchen appliance

Checklist tick mark  24 included and additional attachments

Checklist tick mark  6.7 litre total bowl capacity

Checklist tick mark  3 litre in-bowl cooking capacity

Checklist tick mark  Ideal for families

Checklist tick mark  Creates better pastry than a traditional food mixer