Multipro Sense

  1. Auto Speed
  2. ThermoResist Blender
  3. Tritan™
  • Auto Speed

    Auto Speed Function

    The Multipro Sense features an intelligent auto speed function, allowing you to focus on preparing the perfect meal.

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  • ThermoResist Blender

    ThermoResist Blender

    Unique to the Multipro Sense, the ThermoResist glass blender is designed to withstand both hot and cold blending.

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  • Tritan™

    Tritan™ Bowl

    The Multipro Sense features a shatterproof, impact resistant and dishwasher safe Tritan™ bowl.

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The Multipro Sense FPM810 is Kenwood’s most intelligent food processor, featuring an auto speed function, ThermoResist glass blender and revolutionary TritanTM food bowl.

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