About the Multipro Food Processor FP920

This stylish, brushed metal family-sized food processor has a patented space-saving design to make it the perfect fit for your kitchen.

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The Multipro FP920 comes with its own 1.5 litre glass blender for mixing excellent shakes, smoothies and cocktails. There's also a twin geared whisk and a dough tool, so you can also use your Multipro to add a light, professional touch to homemade pastry, cakes and bread.


Food Processor - FP920 - 0WFP920005 Zoom IconsView Gallery


This powerful, 1000W model offers up to 34 separate processing functions and includes a full set of slicing and grating discs for creating perfect salads and vegetable dishes. It also comes with a generous 3.0 litre bowl, mini bowl, citrus press and glass multi mill to cater for all your food prep needs.

Best selling brushed metal food processor with iconic design.  Extremely versatile and perfect for catering for family-sized portions. Comes with a range of useful attachments including a 1.5L glass liquidiser, a juicer and a mill.

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