Multipro Sense Juicer Attachment

Effortlessly juice a wide variety of hard fruits and vegetables using the Multipro Sense juicer attachments. Quickly and easily prepare anything from apple juice to carrot juice for use in cooking or simply as a refreshing drink.

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The high quality metal Multipro Sense juicer attachment features a feed tube that is wide enough for a whole apple to fit through, allowing you to juice even the largest fruits and vegetables without having to pre-cut them.

The juicer attachment features a total clean system, allowing the inner bowl and all the remaining pulp to be removed and either cleaned or added to thicken soups and flavour cakes.

The dedicated TritanTM bowl includes a direct serve spout which allows you to serve the juice straight into the glass, perfect for when you have guests. TritanTM is a tough, durable and BPA free shatterproof and shock resistant plastic that will retain its shape and clarity even after repeated dishwashing.