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Do the Chef accessories fit the Major machines?

All high speed and slow speed attachments can be used on either the Chef or the Major kitchen machines. This includes the blender, mill attachment, food grinder and pasta attachments.

Bowl tools and bowl outlet accessories can only be fitted to their relevant models because the sizes are different. This includes the dough hook, K-beater, balloon whisk, creaming beater, frozen dessert maker, mixing bowls and colander.

The KVC5000/KVC6000 Chef Sense uses a simplified slow speed attachment and bowl connection.

Older attachments will fit whn used with the adapter supplied with the machine. Chef Sense specific bowls will be needed if a replacement is required.

Chef Sense slow speed attachments can be used with most older machines (not A701/A707) but an adapter will be required which can be purchased from Kenwood Spares here