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My food processor will not work. What can I do?

For your protection, there are several safety features on our food processors.

It is highly likely the interlock needs a little more alignment for its first use, particularly if it is new. Your food processor can be operated when empty for short periods of time and we would advise the following simple steps if you have any problems:

- Ensure the bowl handle is on the right hand side, with the control dial facing you. Start the handle at the 1 o'clock position and pull it around to the right hand side firmly.

- Place your chosen blade in the unit.

- Attach the lid, ensuring the feed tube (the funnel on the lid) is locked into the handle - also on the right hand side. For ease of assembly it is better to start the funnel at the 1 o'clock position and pull the lid clockwise to the right.

- Switch the processor to the first speed, ensuring it is plugged in at the wall socket and switched on.

If the food processor still doesn't start, firmly pull the handle clockwise, towards you. It may click as it locks. The processor will then start, and subsequent interlocks will be much easier. Please note if your model is the FP190 series please ensure both the liquidiser, main bowl and lid are secured before use, as for safety reasons the product will not function without this.

For further assistance please see our short tutorial video: