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Pasta Attachments

Trenette Metal Pasta Cutter AT973A Silver Polished


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There's nothing to beat the authentic taste of freshly made pasta and this attachment makes it easy to make your own trenette at home. Cook your pasta fresh, or chill or freeze it, ready to rustle up a quick meal with real Italian flair.

Heavy-duty stainless steel body

Highly durable and excellent for large quantities.

Easy feed roller

Easy to feed pasta dough into attachment.


allgemeine Spezifikationen

Gehäusematerial: Stainless steel
Größe (LxBxH) (cm): 13 x 11 x 5
Gewicht (kg): 1.3
-: Yes
Farbe: Polished


Fassungsvermögen (kg): Continuous


Zubehöranschluss: Slow speed outlet