Kostenloser Versand ab einem Einkaufswert von CHF 50


As a precautionary measure, Kenwood launched a voluntary corrective action regarding the so-called "Julienne" disc for our food processor models FPM800 and FPM810 that were manufactured from January 2019 through December 2021. Other discs or other food processors are not affected.


Hazard: It cannot be completely ruled out that parts of the "Julienne" disc could detach during use, creating a potential ingestion risk.

Remedy: Please stop using the "Julienne" disc, visit the following website to verify if your disc is potentially affected as well as to register for a free-of-charge replacement "Julienne" disk sent directly to your home and dispose of the affected/old "Julienne" disc.

For more information visit Kenwood Customer Support section of our website www.kenwoodworld.com