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Week 6

Holly - Week 6

Toad in the Hole

Toad in the Hole

Holly 6P
This week’s Toad in the Hole challenge was one I really enjoyed. My mum, usually a very good cook, has always had a reputation in our family for being absolutely hopeless at Toad in the Hole, after a disaster chef moment a few years ago when she presented us with raw sausages in a burnt Yorkshire pudding. So, my challenge this week was to see if I got my notoriously bad cooking skills from my mother!

I've used variations of the same recipe this week to make sweet Yorkshire puddings and scotch pancakes, which are so easy and quick to make in the Kenwood Chef Titanium! 

I followed the recipe and made my batter a few hours beforehand; I wasn't sure how the Yorkshire pudding would turn out as I was wary not to peek in the oven until it was cooked in case it fell flat. The outcome was surprisingly good! The sausages which I browned beforehand were tasty and the Yorkshire pudding was cooked just enough, a little brown in parts but it was certainly a much better attempt than my mum’s!

It tasted good, although it didn't look quite as appealing. The onion gravy was delicious and also really easy to make. I've used variations of the same recipe this week to make sweet Yorkshire puddings and scotch pancakes, which are so easy and quick to make in the Kenwood Chef Titanium!  I'll definitely be making this meal to impress my housemates when I get back to university!

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Plum Upside Down Cake

Holly - Week 5

Plum Upside Down Cake

My brothers decided this week we would have our own little competition. Charlie who’s nine, and Ted, 17, decided they would also take on the plum upside down cake challenge! Charlie started eating the mixture out of the bowl and gave up pretty quickly so he helped to judge the taste test instead! This was my first chance to prove myself against Ted, my discerning brother who, so far, hasn’t had anything nice to say about my efforts in the kitchen! 

I followed the recipe carefully and re-watched the tutorial video a few times before I started to measure out my ingredients. My brother Ted however, training to be a chef, decided he didn’t need a recipe. The end result was fab, my cake had risen perfectly and smelt delicious. Ted’s wasn’t level and fell apart as he took it out the tin!

Admittedly, I did have the help of my secret weapon, the Kenwood Chef Titanium, which probably did most of the work for me, but not only did mine look far more appealing, it also tasted fantastic!

The rest of the family judged the end result and no one believed that the disaster cake was Ted’s! Everyone thought it was mine and I’d swapped them over but Ted even admitted he hadn’t followed the recipe and his ended in disaster!

I am so chuffed I finally proved my brother wrong and wiped that smug grin off his face! Just goes to show what a bit of patience and care can do! 

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Week 4

Holly - Week 4

Sunblush Tomato Bread

Dough- Pro!

Holl 4 L

This week was a real test of my new skills as there wasn't a video tutorial from Ben to follow. So I had to read the recipe really carefully, as I couldn't stop and rewind the video to make sure I was doing it right!

Holly 4 P

I’m pretty confident with my dough skills now, especially as the Kenwood Chef Titanium makes it so simple.

I started by making the dough, the same way as last week. I’m pretty confident with my dough skills now, especially as the Kenwood Chef Titanium makes it so simple. Unfortunately, my confidence was lost when I came back to my dough after an hour and it didn't seem to have risen! I’m not sure what went wrong but I carried on, chopping up the garlic, tomatoes and rosemary and putting it all back in the mixer. The dough turned a gooey red and didn't look very appetising! Not to be disheartened, I kept going until it all came together again in a stretchy ball. I separated the mixture into eight dough balls and cooked them until they sounded hollow when I tapped them – a test which resulted in burnt knuckles! Whoops!

The bread tasted great, we had it with spaghetti which I made as well!  I think my dough making skills have definitely impressed everyone over the last few weeks and my confidence in the kitchen is getting much better!!

Your reviews

  1. Well done holly! Bread isn't easy! Wish I could have tried it! Looks yummy! Xxxx

    Posted: 12/08/2013 22:13:30 / Astra williams

  2. Well done Holly looks like you might be improving a bit....if this keeps going I may actually eat your food....maybe !! Good luck xxx

    Posted: 12/08/2013 22:18:50 / Fleur Adams

  3. This looks really tasty, well done holly! It seems like your becoming more adventurous and the practice looks like its paying off! Keep going!!!

    Posted: 12/08/2013 22:26:54 / Amelia Faye Tilt.

  4. Nice to see how well you are doing and taking all the challenges on the chin and with lots of enthusiasm. Hoping to see you in the final round and enjoy your witty accounts of how your finding the competition. Best of luck!

    Posted: 12/08/2013 22:47:46 / Sharnee Joseph

  5. Mmmm this looks so good! You can definately make this for me at uni now you're turning into a little chef! Keep it up looks like you're doing great!

    Posted: 14/08/2013 16:14:56 / Vicki Glazer

  6. I cooked a really special Italian meal for my Godmother to accompany these rolls. We had just got back from Italy and had been inspired by the cuisine of the Sorrentine Coast, so I made Spaghetti Vongole. The rolls tasted good. I was quite impressed.

    Posted: 14/08/2013 22:24:22 / Mom

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week 3

Holly - Week 3

Vegetarian Pizza

Movie night with homemade pizza!

Holly 3 L

My friends and I enjoy a weekly ritual of pizza and movie night, so this week I decided to put my kitchen skills to the test and make the pizza myself, although we did have the takeaway menu ready, just in case!

Holly 3 PI started by making the dough with my Kenwood Chef Titanium, using the Dough Hook fitting for the first time. I thought dough would be difficult but it was actually really simple; I mixed the flour with the yeast, water and oil until it stuck together in a ball, and then left it for a few hours. When I came back the dough had risen loads - I rolled it out with a rolling pin until it was really thin.

Overall, it was a success and we didn't need to order in an emergency takeaway pizza, which was a bonus!

I made the sauce using fresh tomatoes and garlic and some oregano. I then chopped my toppings. I decided to make two pizzas to impress my friends: one topped with vegetables, onions, peppers, spinach and mushrooms and on the other I cooked some chicken pieces, and added some spices I found in the cupboard, as well as the vegetables and mozzarella cheese.

The dough was quite thick and the crusts a little burnt, but it was edible! The flavours tasted great but I think I need to perfect the tomato sauce a little more as it slightly resembled soup… causing the base of the pizza to be quite soggy.

Overall, it was a success and we didn't need to order in an emergency takeaway pizza, which was a bonus! I’ll definitely be making pizzas again!

Your reviews

  1. By the looks of things you wont need to order anymore takeaways! The colours are really exciting and its nice to see you've used a wide variety of vegetables. Bravo Holly or should I say bellissimo!!!

    Posted: 12/08/2013 22:36:45 / Amelia Faye Tilt.

  2. I have to say I am very surprised at how well you are actually doing!! I'm so used to you being clumsy and messing things up haha. Gutted I missed out on pizza and movie night this looks lovely! I think its time we ditched the takeaway menu and you just make the pizza now your a pro!

    Posted: 13/08/2013 16:26:07 / Sophie Bishop

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Week 2

Holly - Week 2

Eton Mess

Welcoming the Royal Baby with Eton Mess !

Holly 1

My theory is that Eton Mess was invented by someone who accidentally dropped a pavlova, and with this in mind, I thought ‘how hard can it be?!  I’ve definitely dropped a dessert or two in the past!

I began by making the meringue. After dropping a whole box of eggs on the floor (woops) I didn’t let it put me off as I was determined to make this my best food challenge yet!

I carefully separated the eggs, which was a bit time consuming, and whisked them up in my Kenwood Chef Titanium.  I couldn’t believe how quickly the mixer did it! My new kitchen gadget definitely makes all the difference, and my mum was pleased as the mess was (mostly) contained in the bowl; usually if I whip cream it ends up all over the walls!

Holly 2

My theory is that Eton Mess was invented by someone who accidentally dropped a pavlova, and with this in mind, I thought ‘how hard can it be?!

I added the sugar and whisked it all up, putting the little meringue nests in a cool oven for a few hours. I had a bit of difficulty in my kitchen because my Mum has an Aga, so I can’t control the temperature of the oven or turn it off! I put them in the coolest oven and hoped for the best. Two hours later, I took them out and let them cool - a few of them were still gooey inside but mostly they turned out well!

I chopped up my strawberries and mixed them in with the cream, added the meringue and topped it off with a sprig of mint! I was so pleased with myself; they looked fab and tasted even better!!

We had the Eton Mess for pudding with a glass of Champagne to celebrate the birth of the Royal Baby!

Everyone was very impressed with my kitchen skills, and my brother, who is usually disgusted by anything I attempt in the kitchen, even asked for more!

Your reviews

  1. I am really enjoying keeping up with Holly`s progress. She has come a long way already with regards to her cooking, and seems eager to meet the challenges set for her. She will cook a meal for me yet!!!!!!!!

    Posted: 31/07/2013 13:17:02 / Dorothy Parker

  2. I think this looks lovely, maybe you should host a dinner party for all your friends. It would be good practice, and it looks like your learning some really exciting new recipes. Go Holly!

    Posted: 12/08/2013 22:29:31 / Amelia Faye Tilt.

  3. Well I thought this would be right up Holly's street-a mess she was allowed to make rather than one of her everyday kitchen disasters. It actually tasted really good and we all liked it. It was actually a shame to smash up the meringue as this turned out well. Certainly a different technique to mine but I have to concede possibly better.

    Posted: 14/08/2013 22:18:47 / Mom

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Week 1

Holly - Week 1

Spicy cheese and pepperoni slice

Not too bad for a first attempt!

It usually takes me a few attempts to get the hang of things in the kitchen and this week’s recipe challenge was no exception!

I began by making the short crust pastry; using my brand new Kenwood Chef. I mixed the butter and flour together until it formed a ball of dough, then put this in the fridge for half an hour whilst I attempted to prepare the filling.

Having chopped up the peppers and onions, I then mixed in some pepperoni slices. I rolled out my ball of pastry into a thin sheet, though I’m not sure if I rolled it out thin enough because the end result was quite thick with not much filling! I also managed to forget to put both different types of cheese into the mix, so the pastry slices only had a little bit of mozzarella inside. They still tasted pretty good though and the spices gave it an extra kick!

"It usually takes me a few attempts to get the hang of things in the kitchen and this week’s recipe challenge was no exception!"

I tried a few times and the second attempt was definitely better as the first batch didn’t seal properly and the cheese came through the edges– it seems the egg wash was more important than I thought!

All in all I was quite pleased with myself, it was mostly edible and my friends were very impressed.

Your reviews

  1. Looks beaut babe! Wish I was there to try next weeks as its my fav. Can't wait to see how far you go, so you can win the cookery course and cook for us all day long. Good luck holly, you have got this far not long now until you will be getting that new kitchen makeover.

    Posted: 21/07/2013 17:22:51 / Sharnee Joseph

  2. Well done holly keep it up! Ill be expecting some proper gourmet meals when we get back to uni! Good luck little miss clumsy!

    Posted: 21/07/2013 17:23:41 / Astra Williams

  3. Hard to believe she is doing so well. Hoping she will continue to improve when I will take my life in my hands and try her cooking!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! It is lovely to think she is actually enjoying the experience.

    Posted: 23/07/2013 10:43:13 / Dorothy Parker

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Holly Adams

University student Holly has always been hopeless in the kitchen. Try as she may, she just can’t seem to master the art of cooking. From leaving a jacket potato in the oven for 12 hours to putting squirty cream in mashed potato, her kitchen disasters have been endless – and she now survives on a diet of instant noodles and soup.

Her biggest kitchen disaster came when she attempted to make an apple crumble – the apples didn’t cook, the crumble sank and the whole thing ended up resembling couscous! With her younger brother now at culinary school training to be a chef, she is desperate for some help to save her from any further humiliation.