Ravioli Maker Attachment KAX93.A0ME


Podrobnosti o izdelku

Creating your own deliciously filled sweet or savoury ravioli is simple with this Ravioli Maker. Simply mix your chosen fillings, fill the hopper and create tasty ravioli parcels. You will need the Lasagne Roller attachment to first roll your pasta to the desired thickness.

Ključne funkcije

Complete control
Complete control Simply use the manual dial to feed your pasta through the ravioli attachment, while the filling is drawn from the hopper above.
An easy finish
An easy finish Achieving the 'ravioli look' is simple, with perforated edges indented into every sheet, making them easy to tear off ready for cooking once rested.
Full of filling
Full of filling Add your filling to the hopper and top up as required. A plastic spoon is included to gently compress your filling, keeping your raviloi pockets full of filling, not air bubbles.


general specifications

Material ohišja: Chrome
Velikost (DxŠxV) (cm): 22.6 x 11.3 x 9.3
Teža (kg): 1.56kg
Barva: Polished metal


Ščetka za čiščenje: Da


Odvod: Slow speed outlet

Attachments facet

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