• Chef
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Chef Series

At the heart of kitchens for over 70 years, Kenwood Chef has power and expertise to let your creativity soar. With a huge range of attachments available, our range multi-tasks as a blender, mincer, spiralizer, juicer and more.
null Main 품절 Titanium Chef Baker XL Silver KVL85.004SI
Titanium Chef Baker XL Silver KVL85.004SI 0W20011467
  • 신뢰할 수 있는 이지클린 도구
  • 믹스의 모든 재료
  • 당신은 속도를 설정
  • 셰프 맞춤 설정
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null Main 품절 Chef XL KVL4100S
Chef XL KVL4100S 0W20011267
  • 당신은 속도를 설정
  • 유성 혼합 작용
  • 서명 도구
  • 셰프 커스터마이징
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