Food preparation


Make light work of preparing food

Like your second pair of hands in the kitchen, these attachments will help you mince meat, grate cheese, slice potatoes and chop nuts with ease.

Food Processor

Serve expert stir-fries, sauces and dips using the 1.2L Food Processor. As well as knife blades, you'll receive discs for thin and thick slicing, fine and coarse grating, julienne and rasping.

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Food Mincer

The Food Mincer attachment includes three screens: fine (3mm), medium (4.5mm) and coarse (8mm), plus a sausage and kebbe maker for precision cooking.

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Dicing Attachment

For chunky fruits and vegetables to put in fruit salads, side dishes or stews, the Dicing Attachment is your ideal partner in the kitchen for creating perfect 10mm x 10mm cubes.

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Mini Chopper/Mill

Spices and herbs can be perfectly prepared with the Mini Chopper/Mill so they're ready to infuse your dishes, or simply used as a garnish. Then store in the three jars included.

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Continuous Slicer/Grater

Prepare large quantities of fruits and vegetables in all shapes and sizes with the seven stainless steel cutting plates. The powerful Continuous Slicer/Grater works non-stop to always deliver you exceptional results.

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Roto Food Cutter

With its high quality traditional slicing, shredding and rasping drums for vegetables, salad, cheese, chocolate and nuts, you'll wonder how you ever managed without it.

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Spiralizer Attachment

The Spiralizer Attachment can quickly and easily make healthy vegetable pasta using carrots, cucumbers, butternut squash or courgette. Reinvent classic salads, entrées and desserts.

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Grain Mill

This neat and simple attachment can quickly process grains, pulses and rice, allowing you to make fresh flour to use in a wide range of breads and pastries, including gluten-free alternatives.

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Frozen Dessert Maker

Create your very own ice creams, sorbets and frozen yogurts. You can quickly prepare 1L of homemade ice cream in just 30 minutes.

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