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kMix Hand Blender HB859 Berry (pink)


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A piece of art in the kitchen that makes a bright, bold statement about you.


Maximum blending performance
Maximum blending performance The three angled blades of our Triblade System™ ensure all ingredients are reached and blended exactly as you need, and in less time. Whether you’re making a smooth pie filling or a creamy guacamole, they’ll be able to tackle it perfectly and effortlessly.
The optimum speed
The optimum speed Be in control of your creations with variable speeds. You can select the speed you need for the food you're preparing.
With the power to be creative.
With the power to be creative. The 700W motor is the ideal power to create everyday family favourites or try something new.
Easy operation
Easy operation You can use this hand blender single-handedly, allowing you to add ingredients as you go for great results.

Műszaki adatok

általános specifikációk

Sebességfokozatok: 5
Méret (HxSzxMa) (cm): 6.8 x 6.8 x 42
Alaprész anyaga: Die cast aluminium
Súly (kg): 1.1
Szín: Berry (pink)
Keverőszár anyaga: Metal
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kMix Hand Blender HB859 Berry (pink)

kMix Hand Blender HB859 Berry (pink)

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