Mesmerine 1.6L Kettle Blue ZJM810BL


Pojedinosti o proizvodu

The Mesmerine breakfast collection brings a touch of sophistication into any kitchen, with a design that will immediately draw you in. Add a pop of colour with this kettle available in a range of finishes.

Stylish and practical

Encased in a mesmerising diamond pattern, the beautiful Mesmerine kettle is surprisingly smooth to touch and easy to keep clean.

Designed for everyday

A kettle is one of our most used appliances in the kitchen. So, in addition to a stylish design that looks great on your kitchen worktop, the Mesmerine kettle is designed for ease of use day in day out, with an easy pull off lid, removable filter for cleaning and perfect pouring.

Ključne značajke

Save time, energy and water
Save time, energy and water A large 1.6L capacity means enough water to make a round of hot drinks for everyone, but when it's just the morning coffee for one, there's an internal water gauge to help you only boil what you need - saving time, energy and water.
Perfect pouring
Perfect pouring Kenwood’s signature wide spout for perfect pouring every time, with no drips.
Powerful boiling
Powerful boiling Features 2200W of power for fast boiling. Hot water in no time for that deliciously warming afternoon tea.
Removable mesh filter
Removable mesh filter Keep your kettle clean and trap limescale with the mesh filter. Removable for easy cleaning.


opće specifikacije

Veličina (D x Š x V) (cm): 24 x 18 x 25
Težina (kg): 1.43
Materijal tijela: Stainless steel
Boja: Blue


Kapacitet (L): 1.6L


Baza od 360 stupnjeva: Da
Indikator razine vode: Da
Pohrana kabela: Da
Skriveni element: Da
Uklonjivi filtar: Da
Povucite poklopac: Da
Zaštita od iskuhavanja: Da
Osvijetljeni indikator napajanja: Da
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Mesmerine 1.6L Kettle Blue ZJM810BL

Mesmerine 1.6L Kettle Blue ZJM810BL

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