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Nutty Boost Balls

Preparation time: 10 minutes Makes: 12 balls


Blend-X Fresh Blender BLP41.A0WH


30g cashews 
45g oats 
40g cacao powder 
6 soaked dates 
1 tbsp flax seeds 
1 tbsp linseeds 
1 tbsp chia seeds 
1 tbsp coconut flour 
1 tbsp shredded coconut 
1 tbsp sunflower seeds 
1 tbsp pumpkin seeds 
2 tbsp agave nectar 
1 tsp vanilla extract 
2 tbsp cacao nibs 
2 tbsp mixed nuts 
2 tbsp goji berries


1. Place the nibs,nuts and goji berries into the Blend-X Fresh goblet.
2. Chop by using the pulse button, until fine crumbs are formed.
3. Place the nibs and berries into another bowl and reserve.
4. Place all the rest of the Ingredients into the Blend-X Fresh goblet.
5. Select the fine chop programme and blend until a doughy consistency is formed. 
6. Carefully empty out the contents of the goblet into another bowl. 
7. Take your blended mix and form small, 3cm diameter balls with your hands, then roll the ball around the berry/nib mix until covered. Continue until the mix has gone. 
8. Let the balls refrigerate for at least 6 hours to allow the flavours to form and blend. They will store in the fridge for a couple of days, but we would suggest eating them right away. 
9. If the berry/nib mix is not sticking to the balls then wet them slightly with water.

​​​​​​​Just a handful of sunflower seeds can help to stave of hunger.They are also packed full of vitamin E, magnesium and selenium.