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How to clean your Kenwood appliance

Our products are investment pieces that are built to last, and last. In order to keep your trusted kitchen companions in the best working order for years to come, it’s important to clean and maintain them properly.

Here’s our guide to cleaning your Kenwood stand mixer, food processor and hand blender. By taking the time to regularly clean your appliances and any attachments and removable parts, you’ll ensure they’re ready for your next culinary creation, and continue to deliver the high performance you’ve come to expect from Kenwood.


Cleaning your stand mixer

Cleaning your stand mixer and its parts after every use will help maintain it. Always switch off and unplug your mixer before cleaning.

Power unit
●  Remove the bowl and attachment and wipe the body and head of the stand mixer with a damp microfibre cloth to remove any smudges or spills, before drying with a soft cloth. Be sure that the cloth is damp rather than wet to avoid any water seeping into the motor, and don’t use any abrasive cleaning products.
●  Pay particular attention to the outlet covers and any hidden nooks and crannies where food debris can collect, such as around knobs or the display panel.
●  When you've got more time for a real top-to-toe clean, lay your mixer on its side and clean the underside and around the foot pads, using a damp cloth.

●  All our mixer bowls can be washed in the dishwasher, or by hand in hot, soapy water. If your mixer has a bowl made of stainless steel, such as the Titanium Chef Patissier XL, avoid using a scouring pad or brush, or bleach-based products that may damage the finish. Any limescale can be removed by wiping with vinegar.

●    The tools and splashguard can be washed in the dishwasher or by hand, but always check your mixer’s instruction manual for specific instructions for various attachments- some are not dishwasher-safe. 
●    When cleaning creaming beaters, remove the flexible wiper blade before cleaning, Both the blade and the tool can be washed in the dishwasher, or in hot soapy water. 
●    Dry your bowl and any attachments thoroughly before storing away, to prevent water spots. 

And one other top tip for keeping your stand mixer in good-as-new condition? Fit the splashguard over the bowl before you use it. This will help keep your mix in the mixer and reduce mess.

Cleaning your food processor

Keep your food processor performing at its very best by cleaning it after every use. Be sure to always switch off and unplug your food processor before you clean it.

Power unit
●  Remove the bowl, lid, blade and any attachments or tools from the base unit, taking care when handling sharp blades and cutting discs.
●  Use a soft damp cloth to wipe the base unit and whisk drive head, before drying. Pay particular attention to the interlock area, as this is where food debris can build up.
●  Never immerse the power unit, blade assemblies or whisk drive head in water.

Bowl and tools
●  The bowl, lid and pusher are all dishwasher-safe, as are knife blades and discs. Alternatively, you can clean them by hand with hot soapy water.
●  To clean the blade assemblies, use a small cleaning brush to remove any leftover substances and rinse under warm running water. Stay away from anything with hard bristles that might scratch components.
●  The power unit can only be wiped with a damp cloth and not immersed in any water.
●  If, as with the MultiPro Excel, your food processor comes with additional attachments such as the compact chopper/grinder or citrus juicer, please refer to your manual for your mixer’s specific cleaning instructions.
●  Avoid using any abrasive cleaning products or scouring pads when cleaning. Using a water and vinegar solution can help shift stubborn stains.
●  Some foods can discolour the plastic. This is completely normal and won’t affect your food processor’s performance. Rub with a cloth dipped in vegetable oil to remove the discolouration.
●  Always ensure you dry the lid, bowl and various individual tools thoroughly before reassembling your food processor for storage.

Cleaning your hand blender

Always clean your hand blender and any accessories thoroughly after each use. Make sure it is switched off and unplugged before cleaning.

● Never immerse the motor or accessory gearboxes in water-just wipe down with a damp cloth.
● All other parts, such as the blender wand, beaker, chopper blade, puree shaft and whisk can be cleaned in the dishwasher. Alternatively, hand-wash in hot, soapy water.
● If your Triblade blender has a chopper accessory, like the Triblade XL+, the lid should be cleaned by rinsing under running water. Do not immerse in water or put in the dishwasher. You can also remove the anti-slip rubber ring to give the base of the chopper bowl a really thorough clean.
● Processing highly coloured foods like carrots can cause plastic accessories to become discoloured over time. Wiping them down with a cloth dipped in vegetable oil before cleaning will help reduce this.

How to clean other appliances

Advice on how to care for your Kenwood appliance will vary from product to product, and often model to model. However, some general tips applies to all appliances:
● Always switch off and unplug your appliance before cleaning.
● Never immerse motorised parts in water, or allow the cord or plug to get wet.
● Try to clean blades, whisks and bowls of food debris immediately after use by leaving to soak in a bowl of warm soapy water.
● Avoid using abrasive products which can scratch metal or plastic surfaces- an old toothbrush comes in very handy when cleaning crevices and hard-to-reach spaces between buttons.

You can download the instruction manual for your Kenwood appliance here.