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5 leftover mince recipes you’ll love

If you have leftover Bolognese or cooked mince in the fridge, these quick, easy recipes will be the first thing you reach for.

Reusing leftovers is a great way to stretch your ingredients, and your budget, a little further. All the while benefiting from the flavour you’ve already worked hard to create.


Rich and layered Pastitsio

Pastitsio_3_retouched-(1)1584x1200.jpg Pastitsio_3_retouched-(1)1584x1200.jpg
This Greek take on lasagne is well worth the effort. It’s essentially pasta topped with leftover mince and béchamel. Full of all the flavours of moussaka, brought together effortlessly thanks to the Cooking Chef XL and Stir Tool, but using a tubular pasta instead of aubergine or potato.

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Flavour-packed Korean beef bibimbap

DAY-3-44_RGB_RT_CROP_1584x1200.jpg DAY-3-44_RGB_RT_CROP_1584x1200.jpg
There’s nothing like taking a boring old bowl of mince and turning it into something lip-smackingly good. Enter our Korean beef bibimbap bowls. We’re talking hits of ginger and garlic, oyster sauce, soy sauce, brown sugar, kimchi, pickled carrots and radishes, rich egg yolk, the list goes on and on…

And it’s all light work thanks to the MultiPro Go with Grating Disc and Express Serve. For the adventurous among you, this is not one to miss.

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Versatile Middle Eastern beef flatbreads

DAY-3-78_RGB_RT_CROP_1584x1200.jpg DAY-3-78_RGB_RT_CROP_1584x1200.jpg
Breakfast, lunch, or dinner, these crispy flatbreads are always a welcome addition to the table. They’re easily tweaked around whatever ingredients you have to hand, and super easy to make thanks to the Chef stand mixer and Dough Tool. If you’re feeling fancy, you’ll want to make sure you’ve got tahini in the cupboard for the dressing, but everything else is delightfully laissez-faire.

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Yummy stuffed peppers

DAY-3-68_RGB_RT_CROP_1584x1200.jpg DAY-3-68_RGB_RT_CROP_1584x1200.jpg
A little mince goes a long way in this recipe, combined with kidney beans, tomatoes and rice. Use a food processor with the Knife Blade attachment to chop basil, walnut, and breadcrumbs for a delicious crispy topping.

Tip: Not a fan of basil and walnut? Just use your favourite herbs and nuts instead.

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Fun omelette spring rolls

Omelette-Spring-Rolls_2_retouched1584x1200.jpg Omelette-Spring-Rolls_2_retouched1584x1200.jpg
Leftover beef never looked so dainty with these fun omelette spring rolls filled with stir-fried mince and vegetables. Packed with flavour and texture, and super easy to prepare using the food processor and Grating Disc, they don't take long to make either. Serve with siracha sauce (or siracha mayo) for a spicy kick.

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Next time you go to put your leftovers in the bin, remember that they can go towards making a tasty, quick and simple meal that doesn’t cost the earth. Discover more of our recipes for dinner time ideas.