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5 recipes that will make you love leftover mash

Leftover mashed potato will always be a blessing with these tempting recipes to hand.

It's amazing what you can achieve with some leftover mash and your Kenwood.


Spiced batata vada

Batata-Vada_1584x1200.jpg Batata-Vada_1584x1200.jpg
This quick take on a popular Indian street food (spiced, deep-fried potato balls) makes for a great snack or starter, and with the help of the Cooking Chef XL, it’s a breeze to cook too.

Tip: This recipe is simplified by the use of premade curry paste, but you can ramp up the authenticity by making your own.

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Korean-style potato pancakes

Cheese-and-Cabbage-Potato-Pancakes_1584x1200.jpg Cheese-and-Cabbage-Potato-Pancakes_1584x1200.jpg
These cheese and spicy cabbage potato pancakes are a delight to make as well as eat. Crispy on the outside, fluffy on the inside, and easy to make with a food processor to hand to slice veg and combine the potato mix.

Tip: Feel free to substitute the homemade spicy slaw for kimchi if you have it.

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Cheese and ham potato croquettes

CROQUETTAS-253_RGB_RT_CROP_1584x1200.jpg CROQUETTAS-253_RGB_RT_CROP_1584x1200.jpg
These croquettes are kid-friendly and make a great addition to any gathering. Serve hot with aioli or bravas sauce for a dollop of authenticity. The Knife Blade on the MultiPro Go will pretty much see you through the whole recipe too, so they’re a great choice for a mid-week starter or side.

Tip: We’ve opted for ham and cheese, but you could use whatever you have at home.

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Simple potato focaccia

Eaten on its own, or sliced and used for a gourmet sandwich, this fluffy focaccia recipe is a real knockout. And it’s simple too – the Stand Mixer and Dough Tool do most of the work bringing the potato dough together, leaving you to enjoy the fun bit, shaping the dough before it goes in the oven.

Tip: We’ve opted for rosemary to flavour our oil, but you could use anything from chilli to truffle.

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Speedy Thai fishcakes

These fishcakes are super quick and easy to make with leftover mash and can be adapted with fresh or tinned fish. Simply whizz up your ingredients with the food processor and Knife Blade, dip in flour, egg, and polenta, and shallow fry until perfectly golden.

Tip: If you don’t have polenta, coat the fishcakes in breadcrumbs instead – or just egg and flour.

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Leftover mashed potato might seem like it’s destined for the bin, but these recipes show how creative you can get at mealtimes and avoid waste. To find more ways of making dinner times fun but simple, explore more of our recipes.