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Simple 5 ingredient meals for your recipe book

These recipes are perfect additions to your roster of mid-week meals.

They’re quick, easy, and only require 5 ingredients each. Plus, they’re made even easier with the help of Kenwood.


Easy garlic mushroom flatbreads

Garlic-Mushroom-Flatbread_1584x1200.jpg Garlic-Mushroom-Flatbread_1584x1200.jpg
Inspired by a tarte flambeé, these flatbreads are as delicious as they are easy to make. And of course, you can mix up the toppings to your liking. After you try ours that is…

The flatbreads are a simple combination of core ingredients plain flour, garlic-infused olive oil (plus water and salt) – brought together with the Dough Tool. Mushrooms, crème fraiche, and your choice of cheese make up the toppings.

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25-minute tomato and halloumi orzo

Tomato-and-Halloumi-Orzo_3_retouched_1584x1200.jpg Tomato-and-Halloumi-Orzo_3_retouched_1584x1200.jpg
One of the great things about orzo dishes is how quick they are to prepare, and they’re even easier to cook with help from the Cooking Chef XL and Stir Tool. Just toss your orzo in with tinned cherry tomatoes, vegetable stock, pesto, and halloumi – setting some aside to pan-fry and serve on top. Voila!

Tip: Sprinkle with fresh herbs for added depth of flavour.

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Gooey gnocchi bake

GNOCCHI-44_RGB_RT_CROP_1584x1200.jpg GNOCCHI-44_RGB_RT_CROP_1584x1200.jpg
This super simple mid-week meal combines gnocchi, sliced leeks and spring greens, gruyere cheese, and store-bought béchamel sauce in one mouth-watering bake. Feel free to substitute gruyere for blue cheese if you’re so inclined – either way, use the food processor and Grating Disc to help get a nice even melt on top.

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Flavour-packed honey chicken noodles

Name a better sauce combo than garlic, dark soy, and honey… Use a food processor to combine and make the perfect silky coating for chicken thighs and egg noodles. The perfect mid-week meal when you fancy something quick that holds a lot of flavour.

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A versatile spicy tomato sauce for pasta

SAUCE-STIR-35_RGB_RT_CROP_1584x1200.jpg SAUCE-STIR-35_RGB_RT_CROP_1584x1200.jpg
Everybody needs a delicious pasta sauce in their back pocket. And this spicy tomato sauce ticks the box. Simply roast tomatoes, onions, garlic cloves, and chillies in olive oil, then blitz with a blender or blender attachment and serve with pasta for an easy meal.

Tip: You can also use tinned plum tomatoes, drained and rinsed, reserving the juice from the tins to loosen the sauce if needed.

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Delicious dinners don’t need to be complicated, with just a few ingredients you can enjoy a tasty and cost-effective meal. Explore all our recipes for more inspiration.