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Money saving 5-ingredient bakes you’ll love

A showstopping bake doesn’t need to use a trolley’s worth of ingredients.

These five cost-saving bakes are guaranteed to please, and with the help of your Kenwood they’ll save you time as well as money.


Simple cherry crumble

Cherry-Crumble_1584x1200.jpg Cherry-Crumble_1584x1200.jpg
A crumble is a classic crowd-pleaser, and tinned cherries make for the perfect base. The other ingredients simply form the crumble itself: plain flour, oats, unsalted butter, and caster sugar. Ready in seconds thanks to your food processor. As simple and satisfying as it gets.

Tip: Ground almonds can easily turn this recipe into a Bakewell crumble.

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A celebration-worthy chocolate pavlova

PAVLOVA-56_RGB_RT_CROP_1584x1200.jpg PAVLOVA-56_RGB_RT_CROP_1584x1200.jpg
Nothing quite compares to a perfect pavlova. And with most of the ingredients being household staples (egg whites, sugar, cocoa powder) they’re a cost-effective option too. Use the stand mixer and Whisk Tool to beat your egg whites and you’re well on your way. Strawberries and whipped cream make for a classic filling.

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Kid-friendly jam thumbprint cookies

Jam-Thumbprint-Biscuits_3_retouched-(2)1584x1200.jpg Jam-Thumbprint-Biscuits_3_retouched-(2)1584x1200.jpg
Get the little ones involved with this simple cookie recipe that uses whatever jam or curd you’ve got in the fridge. Combine cream cheese, salted butter, caster sugar, and plain flour with your stand mixer and K-beater attachment. Then chill in the fridge, scoop onto a baking tray, press in the centre with your thumb, add your jam, and bake.

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Crowd-pleasing pineapple cake

A sweet traybake with a tropical twist – what more could you ask for with only five ingredients? Tinned pineapple rings are the sticky star of the show, with the rest of the ingredients comprising a simple sponge (plain flour, baking powder, caster sugar, eggs). Use the Chef stand mixer with the K-beater attachment to mix the sponge batter effortlessly and enjoy.

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No bake salted caramel cheesecake bars

CHEESE-CAKE-20_RGB_RT_CROP_1584x1200.jpg CHEESE-CAKE-20_RGB_RT_CROP_1584x1200.jpg
Nothing beats a bake-free dessert when last minute guests are on the way, especially when it’s these incredible creamy cheesecake bars. Blitz biscuits using the food processor and Knife Blade and add melted unsalted butter to combine. Mix cream cheese, icing sugar, and salted caramel to form the gooey filling. Delicious.

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