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Compatibility guide- Which attachments will fit my stand mixer?

From pasta rollers to blenders, grinders to juicers, our extensive range of stand mixer attachments are designed to help you get even more from your machine. With over 25 versatile attachments available, almost any food prep task can be performed more quickly and efficiently using your stand mixer.

Attachments work from either your mixer’s high-speed or slow speed outlet, or bowl tools that sir within the bowl. Not all attachments will fit your machine, but in this guide we’ll explain how to find the right attachments to meet your culinary needs.


Slow speed attachments

Found at the front of your Chef or kMix stand mixer, the slow speed outlet is used for attachments that need slow, controlled speed to press or grind, such as the lasagne roller, pasta shaper attachment, food mincer, grain mill, dicing attachment and spiralizer.

Slow speed attachments are available for both kMix and Chef stand mixers, including the Cooking Chef XL, Titanium Chef Baker XL and Titanium Chef Patissier XL.

High speed attachments

KAH65.000PL_Food_Processor-2-.jpg KAH65.000PL_Food_Processor-2-.jpg
The high-speed outlet is found at the top of your Chef stand mixer and is used to drive high-speed attachments that need maximum potential power, including the food processor attachment, ThermoResist™ glass blender, citrus juicer, Blend Xtract Sport and mini chopper/mill.

Due to their sleek design, kMix mixers do not have a high-speed outlet. Chef stand mixers have both high-speed and slow-speed outlets.

Useful adapters for older attachments

Pennines_Twist_Exploded_1-.jpg Pennines_Twist_Exploded_1-.jpg
If you’ve always had a Kenwood stand mixer but have recently upgraded to a newer model, you may still be able to use your old slow-speed attachments.

The Chef bar to twist adapter attaches to your mixer’s slow speed outlet and allows you to use older attachments (with a bar fitting) with your new stand mixer. Similarly, if your older model stand mixer is still going strong but you would like to expand its capabilities with some new attachments, the Chef twist to bar adapter allows you to use the newer twist attachments with older models.

Use this compatibility guide to check whether you will need to purchase an adapter.

Discover compatible attachments

Find out which attachments are compatible with your stand mixer with this easy-to-use guide. You will need to know your mixer's model number, which is usually a combination of letters and numbers and is typically found on a rating plate at the base of your machine.