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A guide to Kenwood Chef bowl tools

Your Kenwood stand mixer comes with a selection of bowl tools, each of which has been expertly designed with specific baking and food prep tasks in mind. From whipping up a batch of light and airy cupcakes, kneading pizza dough, to creating creamy mashed potato, your stand mixer has the tools to help you achieve delicious results, every time.
Here’s a brief guide to each of the high-performance bowl tools that come with the Chef range of stand mixers, and the mixing bowls available, so you can choose the right tools to tackle your next baking or cooking challenge.


Dough tool hook

ATTACHMENTS_KENWOOD13321_1584x1200.jpg ATTACHMENTS_KENWOOD13321_1584x1200.jpg
Taking all the hard work out of making your own bread or fresh pasta, your stand mixer’s spiral dough tool effortlessly kneads even the heaviest doughs, from pizza and pasta doughs to everyday loaves and buttery brioche. As the spiral design pulls and stretches the dough, the yeast is effectively distributed throughout and the flour’s gluten is developed, ensuring maximum rise.

An XL version that is compatible with all XL Chef stand mixers is also available.

Creaming beater

Creaming-beater-layers_RT_CMYK_1584x12200.jpg Creaming-beater-layers_RT_CMYK_1584x12200.jpg
With a flexible wiper blade that scrapes around the sides of the bowl to ensure no ingredients get left behind, the creaming beater is the ultimate tool to use when beating and creaming soft ingredients together. Use it when working with delicate cake mixes, toppings and buttercream icing to create smooth, creamy and even mixes. Not only is it fast working and effective at combining ingredients, but there’s also no need to stop the machine and scrape down the bowl by hand during mixing.

For Chef XL mixers, choose the XL size.


ATTACHMENTS_KENWOOD13321_391_K-Beater_1584x1200.jpg ATTACHMENTS_KENWOOD13321_391_K-Beater_1584x1200.jpg
The K-Beater 's unique design is iconic, and with good reason. This versatile tool mixes and beats even tougher ingredients with ease, reaching all areas of the bowl for an even, consistent mix. Use it when making cakes, biscuits, scones and pastry, or even mashing potato or shredding roast chicken.

Also available in XL size, for use with Chef XL stand mixers.

Whisk tool

ATTACHMENTS_KENWOOD13321_1584x1200.jpg ATTACHMENTS_KENWOOD13321_1584x1200.jpg
This tool might just be the secret to failsafe, featherlight meringues. Use the whisk tool to incorporate air and volume into egg whites, light batters, sauces or cream, for faster, lighter results. As the tool rotates it reaches all the ingredients without touching the edge of the bowl, with the tiered balloon design making it as efficient whipping up a single egg as it is much larger quantities.

An XL sized tool is available for use with Chef XL models.

Fold tool

ATTACHMENTS_KENWOOD13321_747_1584x1200.jpg ATTACHMENTS_KENWOOD13321_747_1584x1200.jpg
Use the fold tool to combine light and heavy ingredients to create airy, fluffy mixtures for soufflés, mousses, macarons and light sponge cakes. The unique paddle blade scrapes, lifts and folds ingredients together as it rotates, without knocking out the air needed to create light and airy bakes and treats.

Also available in XL size for Chef XL mixers.


PECAN_SKILLET_16297KENWOOD_015_1584x1200.jpg PECAN_SKILLET_16297KENWOOD_015_1584x1200.jpg
There is a range of mixing bowls available for different stand mixers, with more generous-sized bowls available for some models which allow you to work with larger quantities of ingredients. Some bowls like this extra-large, 6.7L capacity Chef XL Titanium bowl have handles for easy lifting and pouring.

Made from brushed stainless steel for easy cleaning, this 5L mixing bowl is ideal for everyday baking, and compatible with the Titanium Chef Patissier XL (KWL90), Titanium Chef Baker (KVC85) and Titanium Chef Baker XL (KVL85) models. When you’re baking for a crowd, this sleek and durable 7L stainless steel bowl can more than take on the challenge (compatible with the Titanium Chef Baker XL only).

Explore the full range of mixing bowls here. See individual product listings to check compatibility.

Ready to put your bowl tools to the test? From picture-perfect lemon meringue cupcakes to a delicious homemade curry, you can discover plenty of mouthwatering baking and meal recipes here. All developed and tested by our Kenwood chefs, there’s something for every occasion.