Kmix Folding Tool KXT0010G


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Mimic the action of the perfect ingredient fold with the patented folding tool for your Kenwood mixer. Completely incorporate your ingredients without losing valuable air, for the lightest mousses and silkiest soufflés.


The folding tool's patented design works in conjunction with your mixer's planetary action to delicately, yet completely incorporate your ingredients into your mix.


Designed to fit all kMix stand mixers, the folding tool should be used on the lowest setting to ensure a gentle, smooth action for the best results.

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Rungon materiaali: Plastic
Paino (kg): 0.7
Yleiskoneen koko: kMix
Väri: Black


Astianpesukoneessa pestävissä olevat osat: Joo
Pistorasia: Bowl outlet