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Vegetable Filo Tart

Serves: 6 peopleRecipe course: Main dishesTotal time (min.): 110
Filo-Tart-FF-02.jpg Filo-Tart-FF-02.jpg


Chef and Chef XL
XL Roller attachment
Continuous Slicer/Grater attachment


For the filo pastry:

250g                     '00 flour                                                                                                 
Pinch                    salt                                                                                         
100ml                   warm water                                                                         
10ml                      olive oil                                                                                 
As needed           rice flour, for dusting                                                         
60g (approx.)      butter, melted

​​​​​​​For the vegetable filling:

1 ½                          courgettes, ends trimmed                                  
3                              medium tomatoes, halved                                
1 ½ tbsp                 olive oil                                                                                  
½                             lemon juice                                                                          
Pinch                      salt and pepper                                                                  
5                               eggs, beaten                                                                        
200g                       crème fraiche                                                                      
½                             lemon zest                                                                            
Handful                  fresh mint leaves, roughly chopped                
Pinch                      black pepper                                                                       
70g                         feta cheese, roughly crumbled


1 - Fit the spiral dough tool to the mixer.
2 - Add the 00 flour and salt into the Kenwood mixing bowl. Start the machine on speed 1 whilst gradually adding the warm water and olive oil.
3 - Once incorporated, increase to speed 2 and mix for one minute. If the mixture is too dry, add a tiny amount of water and mix again. The dough should be firm but not sticky.
4 - Wrap the dough and set aside to rest at room temperature for five minutes.
5 - Fit the XL roller attachment to the slow-speed outlet of your stand mixer.
6 - Unwrap the dough and divide into nine equal pieces.
7 - Take a piece of dough, flatten it and shape roughly into a rectangle with your hands, dust with rice flour.
8 - Start the stand mixer on speed 1 and pass the dough through the roller. 
9 - Use the dial on the XL roller attachment to adjust the roller width incrementally from 0 all the way up to 9, re-feeding the dough through the attachment to achieve the desired thickness.
10 - Brush your tart case with the melted butter and immediately lay the sheet of pastry into the tin, allowing the excess to drape over the edge of the tin, brush with melted butter and cover with the tea towel.
11 - Continue to roll the remaining dough through the pasta roller, layering each sheet into the tin one by one ensuring that the base and sides are evenly covered and brush with the melted butter.
12 - Once finished, scrunch the edges round the rim of the tin to make a border and brush again with the melted butter.
13 - Set aside and reserve any remaining melted butter for later.
14 - Preheat the oven to 180°C.
15 - Remove the XL roller attachment from the slow-speed outlet and fit the continuous slicer/grater to the high-speed outlet.
16 - Place a large mixing bowl underneath the attachment to catch the sliced vegetables. 
17 - To slice the courgettes, start the machine on speed 1 and feed into the feed tube of the continuous slicer/grater.
18 - Add the tomatoes, olive oil, lemon juice, salt and pepper into your bowl containing the sliced courgettes.
19 - Mix with your hands until the vegetables are coated and transfer to the baking tray. 
20 - Transfer both the tart case and the tray of vegetables into the oven, bake for 15 minutes.
21 - In your clean Kenwood Chef mixing bowl, fit the whisk tool.
22 - Add the eggs, crème fraiche, lemon zest, mint leaves and black pepper into the bowl, start the machine on speed 4 and whisk until just combined.
23 - Remove the roasted vegetables and the tart case from the oven.
24 - Lay the vegetables in the pastry case, pour over the egg mixture and crumble in the feta cheese.
25 - Brush the edges of the pastry with any remaining melted butter, bake in the oven for 40 minutes or until the filling has set.
26 - Allow the tart to cool slightly before removing from the tin and serving.