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Trenette Attachment KAX983ME


Product details

Accurately cuts your rolled pasta to create Trenette, 3.5mm width. You will need the Lasagne Roller attachment to first roll your pasta to the desired thickness.

Fitment Information

Does this attachment fit your machine?

If your Chef or Chef XL mixer has a twist fit outlet as shown here, the attachment is compatible with your machine

For older models, you will need this adapter

Perfect your trenette cuts

Create perfect, 1.5mm pasta cuts for an authentic, classic dish. There is nothing more theraputic than feeding pasta sheets through the cutter while it endlessly seems to pile in ribbons, ready to cook. Before you know it, you'll have enough to feed all your friends and family.

Attachments of today that fit the machines of yesterday

Don't worry if you have an older Chef - our tagliolini cutter can fit the slow speed outlet on Chef, Chef XL, kMix, Chef Major, Chef Sense, Chef XL Sense and Cooking Chef kitchen machines manufacturered since 1976*!

*Slot attachment fittings require adaptor KAT001ME.

Key Features

Designed to last
Designed to last Durable, heavy duty stainless steel body.
Precision cutting for perfect pasta
Precision cutting for perfect pasta Highly engineered cutters deliver consistent results for more even cooking.

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general specifications

Body material: Stainless steel


Outlet: Slow speed outlet

Attachments facet

Food Preparation Tasks: Pasta Making
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Trenette Attachment KAX983ME

Trenette Attachment KAX983ME

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