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Built to last

Always by your side

A stand mixer is a rewarding investment as you grow as a baker and experiment with new baking skills and recipes in the kitchen. Whether you are baking for family, friends, or yourself, you can have peace of mind that our stand mixers are with you through every special moment.

There is no limit

Upgradeable from the beginning, your Kenwood mixer will grow with you. Designed to do so much more than mix, whisk and knead, with a huge range of optional attachments it quickly and easily becomes a blender, food processor, ravioli maker, spaghetti cutter, mill… In fact, with more optional attachments than any other mixer on the market, you can be sure that your Kenwood is there for any and every food trend that takes your fancy.

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Fit attachments back to 1976

Did you know… That if your Chef mixer was manufactured after 1976, it will fit Kenwood attachments that are still being made and developed today? Our products of today really do fit the machines of yesterday. So, is it time to get your old family mixer out the cupboard and turn your hand to something new? They are designed to last so there is nothing stopping your creative flow.

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Tested to mix 15,600 sponge cakes

We conduct vigorous life testing during the development of every Kenwood appliance to give you peace of mind that your purchase is built to last. In fact, the iconic Kenwood Chef is tested to mix over 15,000 sponge cakes - that's a cake a week for 300 years!

*based on mixing 3.5KG all-in-one cake mix for 1 minute using an average power of ~240W, tested on models KCL95, KWL90.


Tested to knead dough for 10,920 pizzas

A lifetime of pizza! Well, that’s how long it would take us to eat over 10,000 individual pizzas. The Kenwood Chef is tested to make that and more, it’s durable, reliable, and can make margherita pizzas by the dozen. Literally.

*based on mixing 2.66KG of pizza dough for 5 minutes, using an average power of ~215W, tested on models KCL95, KWL90.

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