Homemade Chocolate Cake

Serves: 10 peopleRecipe course: CakePreparation time (min.): 25Cooking time (min.): 40
Homemade Chocolate Cake.jpg Homemade Chocolate Cake.jpg


Titanium Patissier XL


Cake sponge
350g golden caster sugar
250g plain flour
1 tsp instant espresso powder
1 ½ tsp baking powder
1 ½ tsp bicarbonate of soda
2 medium eggs
80g cocoa powder
125 ml sunflower oil
300 ml whole milk
2 tsp vanilla extract
200ml boiling water

​​​​​​​Chocolate icing
100g 70% chocolate (use milk chocolate if preferred for baking for children)
200g butter, softened
300g icing sugar, sieved
2 tsp vanilla extract
4 tbsp whole milk
Multi-coloured sprinkles, for decorating


1. Preheat oven to 180°C (160°C fan). Grease and line two 20cm/8inch sandwich tins.
2. Fit the 5L bowl and the whisk to your Titanium Chef Patissier XL. Using the EasyWeigh feature measure all the ingredients except the water into the bowl, fit the splash guard, starting on speed 2 slowly mix until batter starts to come together. Increase the speed until the mixture is smooth. 
3. Slowly add the boiling water a little at a time, with the machine on slow. The mix will now be very wet. Pour the mixture carefully into the sandwich tins, being sure to split the mix evenly. Bake for 30-40 mins. When you insert a skewer into the middle of the cake, it should come out clean.
4. Once cooked allow the cakes to cool in their tins.

For the icing:

​​​​​​​1. Attach the 7L bowl to the machine and fit the creaming beater. Break the chocolate into small pieces and add to the bowl, using the EasyWeigh feature.
2. Fit the splash guard.
3. Select the ‘Chocolate melting’ preset and press Start.
4. Set the temperature to 7, Speed to SS continuous, time to 10 minutes
5. The machine will slowly warm and mix until all the chocolate has melted.
6. Pour the melted chocolate into another bowl and set aside to cool.
7. Once the machine bowl has cooled, weigh the butter into the bowl and beat with the Creaming beater until smooth.
8. Add the sieved icing sugar, milk and vanilla extract. Fit the splash guard.
9. Start the machine on Min speed, gradually increasing to speed 3 until combined.
10. Add the cooled chocolate, start the machine on speed 3 and mix for 20 seconds until combined.
11. Once your cakes and icing are fully cool. Remove the cakes from their tins carefully and spread one with little icing, layer the second cake on top and cover the whole cake with icing. Decorate with sprinkles.