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Continuous Slicer Grater Attachment AT340


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Prepare large quantities of fruits and vegetables in all shapes and sizes with seven stainless steel cutting plates. The powerful Continuous Slicer/Grater works non-stop as you feed in the ingredient, achieving consistent results, making cooking and impressive presentation a whole lot easier.


Compatible with:


  • Chef KVC3100 series
  • Chef Sense KVC50 series
  • Chef Titanium Patissier XL KWL90004SI
  • Chef XL Elite KVL6300
  • Chef XL KVL4100 series
  • Chef XL Sense KQL6200 series
  • Chef XL Sense KVL6 series
  • Chef XL Titanium KVL8300
  • Classic KM336
  • Cooking Chef KCC9040
  • Cooking Chef KM080
  • Cooking Chef XL KCL95004SI
  • Premier KMC510
  • Premier Major KMM770
  • Titanium Chef Baker Series KVL65001WH & KVL85004SI
  • Titanium Major KMM025

Key Features

7 discs included
7 discs included Grate, slice or even create your own potato fries with the range of discs specifically designed for individual tasks.
Continuous action
Continuous action The attachment has been engineered for continuous use so you're not limited to the amount you can slice. Just use your bowl of choice to catch your creations.


general specifications

Body material: Plastic & aluminium
Size (LxWxH) (cm): 17.5 x 20.5 x 22 Extention Chute 10 x 4 x 15
Weight (kg): 2.2
Guarantee: Yes
Colour: Grey


Capacity (L): Continuous refill


Safety interlock: Yes
Dishwasher safe parts: Yes
Outlet: High speed outlet
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The AT640/AT647 Food Processor attachment is only compatible with the Titanium models, as these have an additional medium speed outlet. Models include the KM001, KM002, KM010, KM030, KM020, KMC010, KMC015, KMC030 and KMM020.

If your model is not one of the Titanium range, it may be worth considering the AT340 Pro Slicer/ Shredder attachment, which has seven discs included, for slicing, grating and julienne effects. The liquidiser and Mill jar set will carry out chopping functions and the mincer will mince meat and vegetables.

The KAH647PL Food Processor for the high speed attachment, which will fit all models except A701/A707).

Continuous Slicer Grater Attachment AT340

Continuous Slicer Grater Attachment AT340

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