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Laban Ayran

Serves: 3Course: DrinksMachine: Cooking machineBlenderTotal time (min.): 10
laban-ayran.png laban-ayran.png

A healthy and refreshing drink which is not sweet but savoury, traditionally made with yoghurt, water and salt. Garlic and mint can also be added.




  1. Add whole milk yogurt, water, salt, mint leaves and garlic clove to the Glass thermoresist blender
  2. Assemble the Thermoresist Glass Blender attachment to the machine
  3. Attach the lid and ensure it is securely closed
  4. Blend until smooth
  5. Remove the attachment from the machine
  6. Add ice to the clean drinking glasses
  7. Transfer content of Glass thermoresist blender to 3 drinking glasses
  8. Decorate with mint leaves
  9. Serve

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