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Cookeasy+ All in one Cooker CCL50.A0CP


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Product details

The CookEasy+ gives you convenience and style in one very sophisticated appliance. Designed to chop, steam, stir, knead, mix, weigh, slow cook, blend or stir fry...all from one machine.

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What’s in the box

All in one cooking


This stylish all in one cooker simplifys food preparation. Designed to save on space and time, the dual position direct prep tower allows you to slice, shred or grate ingredients directly into or out of the cooking bowl, all at the touch of the button.

Connected App Control


Connect your CookEasy+ to the Kenwood World app, with hundreds of step-by-step recipes. Find and adjust recipes tailored to you, learn new skills and expand your cooking repertoire. Or, if you prefer to be a little more hands on, create your own recipes and use the open bowl cooking to taste and season as you go.

4.3" Colour Touchscreen


The CookEasy+ is so easy to use; with integrated weighing and a large, colourful touchscreen display, it's easy to adjust the temperature, increase stir speeds, and even set the timer..

Key Features

Cook up to 180c
Cook up to 180c A temperature range as low as 30c and as high as 180c keeps you in control. Increase the temperature in 1c increments, giving you the flexibility to melt chocolate, cook casseroles, make sauces, steam and stir fry.
8 one-touch presets
8 one-touch presets These functions already have the time, temperature and speed set so all you need to do is add your own creative touch. Choose from a range of settings: One pot meal, smooth soup, chunky soup, slow cook, steam, knead, proof or rinse.
Direct prep tube
Direct prep tube The preparation tube is adjustable and allows you to directly slice, shred or grate into the cooking bowl or into another bowl at the side.
The best tool for the job
The best tool for the job Comes with a knife blade, stir tool, whisk, steam tray and slow cook adaptor, each specifically designed for the task in hand.
4.5L bowl capacity
4.5L bowl capacity Preparing for a crowd isn't a problem thanks to the 4.5L capacity bowl which can prepare meals for between 2 and 10 servings.
Intuitive touchscreen control
Intuitive touchscreen control The 4.3" colour touchscreen has an illuminated display, alongside the control dial and integrated connected scale...all designed to make your cooking easy and enjoyable.
Powerful motor
Powerful motor The machine features a 550W motor for slow stirring and high speed chopping, coupled with 1500W heating power.



Fine grating disc: Yes
Stirring tool: Yes
Coarse grating disc: Yes
Steaming tray: Yes
Connected scale: Yes
Slow cook plug: Yes
Direct prep: Yes
Extra fine grating disc: Yes
Thin slicing disc: Yes
Knife blade: Yes
Thick Slicing disc: Yes
Maxblade: Yes
Lid adapter: Yes

general specifications

Bowl material: Stainless Steel
Colour: Champagne
Size (LxWxH) (cm): 38 x 46 x 33.5
Body material: Polished Plastic
Speeds: Variable speeds
Weight (kg): 13.77


Cooking capacity (L): 3L
Total bowl capacity (L): 4.5L


Number of pre-set programmes: 8
Timer function: Yes
Temperature range (°C): 0 - 180 degrees


Safety interlock: Yes
Dishwasher safe parts: Yes
Recipe suggestions: Yes
Measuring cup: Yes
Spatula: Yes
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Using your CookEasy+ is simple and intuitive.

Learn how to use your CookEasy+ simply by following the how to video below (note - this was filmed in France but the video is still useful for the interactions):

Watch this video to see how to slow cook with open bowl (note - this was filmed in France - your CookEasy will be in  the language you select)

With the integrated weighing function, you can weigh in bowl or on the in-pack weighing bowl from 1g to 6KG.
Measurements appear directly in the Display or alternatively through the App.

The video below was filmed in France but may assist you.

Please watch this video that explain you the correct way to install the CookEasy steaming tray. It was filmed in France, however the interactions will be useful. 

Cookeasy+ All in one Cooker CCL50.A0CP

Cookeasy+ All in one Cooker CCL50.A0CP

£799.00 £899.99
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