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Dark Chocolate and Orange Madeleines

Total time (min.): 75Makes: 24 madeleines
Chocolate Orange Madeleines.jpg Chocolate Orange Madeleines.jpg



100g butter, cubed and softened at room temp                                   
100g caster sugar                 
2 eggs                                    
1 tbsp honey                                          
½ tbsp orange juice                
½ orange, zest
1 tsp vanilla extracts                              
100g plain flour                     
½ tsp baking powder                             
A pinch of salt                                        
150g dark chocolate, broken into chunks  
To finish (optional):

30g candied orange peel 


1 - Grease the madeleine tray and put in the freezer for an hour for best results.
2 - Lift the Chef Patissier XL head and fit the head shield. Attach the 7L Warming bowl to the machine with the creaming beater fitted.
3 - Add the cubed butter into the bowl.
4 - Adjust the settings to 5 minutes, temp 9 and speed off until the butter has melted. Remove the bowl and set aside.
5 - Attach the 5L Chef mixer bowl and fit the whisk.
6 - Weigh in the sugar, egg, honey, orange juice and zest and vanilla extract to the bowl. Mix for 2 minutes on speed ‘Max’.
7 - Replace the whisk with the Creaming beater.
8 - Weigh the flour, baking powder and salt into the bowl. Mix for 20 seconds on speed 1.
9 - Scrape the sides of the bowl, then mix for a further few seconds on speed 1 until combined.
10 - Add the melted butter from earlier into the Chef mixer bowl. Mix for 20 seconds, starting on ‘Min’ speed and slowly increase to 1 until combined.
11 - Transfer the mixture into a piping bag and leave to rest for 30 minutes.
12 - Pre-heat the oven to 190°C.
13 - Pipe the mixture into the madeleine tin, fill each one with approximately a tablespoon of mixture.
14 - Tap on a work surface to release the bubbles, then place in the oven and bake for roughly 8 minutes.
15 - Remove from the oven and allow to cool in the tin for 2 minutes.
16 - Loosen the madeleines with a fork or a palette knife, then tip the whole tray out onto a cooling rack.
17 - Attach the clean Warming bowl to the machine, fitted the creaming beater.
18 - Add the dark chocolate to the mixer bowl
19 - Select the ‘chocolate melting’ function and press the dial to start.
20 - Once melted, pour the chocolate into a small bowl and allow to cool slightly so that the chocolate thickens a little.
21 - Hold the madeleine at an angle, then dip each one halfway into the chocolate before placing flat on a baking sheet.
22 - Add a few pieces of finely chopped candied orange. Allow the chocolate dipped madeleines to cool at room temperature before serving.