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Introducing the Kenwood Autograph collection

Meet the new Autograph collection; a sleek and stylish range of award-winning products that is guaranteed to make a statement in your kitchen.

In a premium matte black finish and with silver hardware, the Autograph collection includes a coordinating stand mixer, food processor and hand mixer, all designed to perform every bit as well as they look.

The collection

At Kenwood we recognise that your kitchen is as unique as your autograph - a place where you can create and enjoy food, and that reflects your own personal style.

The new Autograph collection gives a select range of our award-winning products a stylish design focus, creating coordinating statement pieces that will provide interior focal points in your home and complement the rest of your decor.

The collection includes the Titanium Chef Baker stand mixer, MultiPro Express XL Weigh+ food processor and QuickMix+ hand mixer. And while this collection is design-led, all the products boast the same innovative features as the core range, and deliver the same exceptional results that you have come to expect from Kenwood.

Titanium Chef Baker

1584x1200-KVL85.004BK_Titanium-Chef-Baker-XL_035.jpg 1584x1200-KVL85.004BK_Titanium-Chef-Baker-XL_035.jpg
Designed for the passionate home baker, this stand mixer is as functional as it is stylish. With direct to bowl weighing, an additional mixing bowl to swap in when needed and the unique LightLift head making easy work of adding ingredients to your mix, there is no limit to your creativity as you bake without interruption.

The digitally controlled 1200W motor cleverly adapts to whatever you’re making so that you only use the power you need. So whether you’re kneading the densest of doughs or whipping up a delicate meringue, the Titanium Chef Baker will make light work of it.

The Autograph Collection Titanium Chef Baker is available in both standard and XL sizes. Both models come with four versatile bowl tools to help you perform any baking task with confidence, including our signature K-Beater, dough tool and whisk- all in robust stainless steel, as well as a creaming beater. But thanks to a huge range of over 25 optional attachments, there’s so much more to this mixer. Connecting to either the high or slow speed hubs, they mean you can also use your mixer to grate, blend, slice, juice, mince, spiralise…there's an attachment for every kind of dish.

So, while this mixer is designed to look good on your worktop, its innovative functionality means that when it comes to the Titanium Chef Baker, it’s definitely not a case of style over substance.

QuickMix +

1584x1200_QuickMix+_487.jpg 1584x1200_QuickMix+_487.jpg
Combining style and performance, the Autograph Collection’s QuickMix+ is the ultimate hand mixer. Boasting a 650W motor, it’s our most powerful model, but despite this it’s quiet to use-even at peak power. The durable stainless steel dual whisks and kneaders, which are dishwasher-safe, make mixing batters and fillings, whisking eggs and cream, and even kneading lighter doughs, effortless.

The clever slow speed start prevents dry ingredients like flour or icing sugar from billowing out of the bowl when you start mixing, while variable speed settings and a pulse function mean you can adjust the speed to suit whatever you’re making, using a boost of power just when you need it.

The QuickMix+ is also lightweight and, thanks to the gripped handle, comfortable to use, while the SureEject™beater release function makes it easy to eject the attachments once you’re done.

MultiPro XL Weigh+

1584x1200-Hotspot-Image---Power-and-Control.jpg 1584x1200-Hotspot-Image---Power-and-Control.jpg
If you love getting creative in the kitchen, meet the food processor that gives you the tools you need for every task. A true all-in-one system, the MultiPro XL Weigh+ has the functionality to chop, grate, slice, dice and blend, all from just one base. And then there’s the integrated digital weighing, enabling you to weigh ingredients directly into the bowl or on to the accompanying weighing tray, to help save time and reduce washing up.

Power through your food prep with our signature cutting system and micro-serrated blades for precise, consistent results every time, while the 6-in-1 adjustable slicing means you can choose the perfect slice for your dish, from wafer thin to thick and chunky. The extra wide feed tube speeds things up, with less need to prep ingredients first, and the patented Express Dice™ takes the hassle out of dicing or making crudites or fries.

There’s no need for a separate blender either; the 1.5L ThermoResist™ glass blender blends everything from piping hot soups straight from the pan to ice cold drinks and smoothies with ease. Some models also include a glass multi mill and juice extractor.

Other products in the Kenwood range

Kenwood has designed innovative kitchen solutions for over 70 years; stylish, versatile and trusted products to help you create, make and enjoy food at home. From stand mixers and food processors to hand blenders and cooking appliances, we have a range of products to suit every need and budget. Discover our full range here.