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Steam, boil, slow cook and saute


With integrated induction cooking and hundreds of recipes on the connected Kenwood World App, the Cooking Chef XL helps you do so much more than just mix.

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Connected recipe app

Connect to a world of inspirational recipes from your mixer with the Kenwood World App that automatically programmes your machine, making even the complex possible.


In-bowl weighing

Experience the integrated weighing function that gives you off-the-scale results, for effortless baking and cooking.


Simple TouchScreen

The CookAssist™ 4.3'' touch screen offers a range of presets to support you with a variety of recipe stages, with the simple touch of a button.


Induction cooking

From tempered chocolate to delicious stir-frys, the Cooking Chef XL’s wide temperature range from 20° - 180° makes the culinary possibilities endless.

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Butternut Squash and Goats Cheese Risotto

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