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Say it with homemade this Mother's Day

Show your mum just how much you appreciate her with a homemade cake this Mother’s Day. Be inspired by our range of bakes from lemon drizzle cake to delicious watermelon and rose layer cake.


If you want to surprise your mum (or a special person in your life) this Mother’s Day, why not make a homemade gift, taking inspiration from one of our delicious recipes. 

A homemade cake makes any day better, but especially when there’s an occasion to celebrate. Whether she’d love a slice of classic lemon drizzle cake or some indulgent almond cookie dough truffles, we have a recipe to suit every taste. 

Let your stand mixer do the hard work and create an impressive bake in no time at all to enjoy with all the family. We’ve also suggested some simple but beautiful decorating and gift wrapping ideas to make your bake look extra special! 

Lemon Drizzle Cake

3L2A7296_lemon-drizzle-cake_hero.jpg 3L2A7296_lemon-drizzle-cake_hero.jpg
This light and zingy Lemon Drizzle Cake is always a crowd pleaser at every celebration. Simple to whip up using your stand mixer, our delicious loaf cake has a classic moist sponge and crunchy top. 
It’s easy to slice into pieces to share with the rest of the family, but let’s be serious, this tangy lemon cake won’t last long in the kitchen! 

You can add a simple lemon icing to drizzle over the top, as well as decorating with shaved lemon peel or edible flowers.

Cherry and Chocolate Layered Cake

layered-cake_157825.jpg layered-cake_157825.jpg
Our cherry and chocolate layered cake is a real showstopper. This indulgent treat will certainly impress your mum this Mother’s Day, especially if she has a sweet tooth! 

The chocolate sponges are sandwiched together with a sweet cherry jam and chocolate buttercream, before being topped with mouth-watering chocolate ganache that cascades down the cake. 

Making this cake is light work using your stand mixer for every step. You can get creative and decorate with chocolate shavings and dark, sweet cherries.

Dark Chocolate and Orange Madeleines

Madeleines-2968_209106.jpg Madeleines-2968_209106.jpg
Nothing beats a homemade French classic. Our Dark Chocolate and Orange Madeleines make a really beautiful gift, with their delicate flavour and iconic shell-like shape. 

You can prepare the butter, madeleine batter and melt the chocolate all using your Titanium Chef Patissier XL, which saves you time in the kitchen. 

Finish with some candied orange peel to make these madeleines really stand out. 

Almond Cookie Dough Truffles

3L2A2406_cookie-dough-balls_hero.jpg 3L2A2406_cookie-dough-balls_hero.jpg
Made using the Chef Patissier XL, these no-cook Almond Cookie Dough Truffles make a wonderful gift. 

Made using ground almonds, the truffles not only look and taste incredible, but they’re also gluten free. Most of the hard work is done by your stand mixer, leaving you to shape the mixture into truffles to transfer to the fridge. 

You can then melt your chocolate of choice to cover them with, even using dark and white chocolate to create different patterns. 

Mocha Marble Cake

Mocha-Marble-Cake_Hero.jpg Mocha-Marble-Cake_Hero.jpg
Our Mocha Marble Cake is definitely one of the most visually appealing cakes. 

Coffee fans will adore this rich and flavoursome cake. Made with two flavours of batter that are swirled together and baked in a bundt tin, this cake ring is a masterpiece when sliced into. 

The benefit of using the Titanium Patissier XL is that the two batters can be easily made using the 7L and 5L bowls, with much less mess. 

Top the cake with a chocolate and coffee glaze and decorate with chopped hazelnuts or freeze dried raspberries for a splash of colour. 

Watermelon and Rose Layer Cake

Our Watermelon and Rose Layer cake is something a bit different. Filled with fresh cream and rose water infused watermelon, it's a really light and refreshing cake to share with afternoon tea. 

The cake is really beautiful to look at, too - finished with fresh strawberries, pistachios and pomegranate seeds. Top tip, use the rose water very sparingly as the flavour can be overwhelming!

Raspberry Bakewell Loaf Cake

3L2A4025_raspberry-bakewell-loaf-cake_hero.jpg 3L2A4025_raspberry-bakewell-loaf-cake_hero.jpg
This Raspberry Bakewell Loaf Cake is a twist on a classic British bakewell cake. 

Made using ground almonds and raspberries, this cake has a gorgeous texture with fresh flavours. It’s great to slice up and share, or will last for several days for two people. 

Finish with a sharp raspberry coulis drizzled over the top and flaked almonds for an afternoon treat with a difference. 

That’s a wrap!

Why not make your Mother’s Day bake look really special with one of our gift wrapping ideas? 

Depending on the cake’s toppings, you can wrap it in parchment or wax paper before adding decorative tissue paper and ribbon or string. Or for an even more sustainable option, wrap it in a printed napkin that can be used in the kitchen afterwards. 

You can also make or buy decorative cardboard boxes to display the truffles or madeleines in, or buy a decorative tin as part of the present that can be kept and reused. 

Adding fresh or dried flowers or eucalyptus tucked into the ribbon is also a lovely way to complete the parcel.