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  • My model does not include the citrus press or juicer – Where can I purchase one?

    The Citrus Press is only included in premium models, for example the FP980, but it is available for many of them as an additional accessory.

    Spares and accessories for Kenwood products, including many of our older products, are available from Kenwood Spares via their website at Alternatively they can be contacted by calling 0844 557 3653.

    In either case please have your model number ready when ordering, which is embossed on the underside of the power unit.

  • Can I purchase a mill attachment for the FPM800/ FPM810 food processor?

    The mill attachment is available and can be purchased from Kenwood Spares.  

    The FP980 mill jar will fit both products. Please refer to your original user instructions for guidance on using the attachment. The correct part can be purchased by clicking on this link.


  • The drive shaft is loose and does not click in to the motor unit. Is this normal?

    Yes, the drive shaft is loose when initially placed on the motor unit. When the bowl, bowl tool and lid are interlocked fully they will secure the drive shaft in place.

    If your food processor does not start please check our article to rectify this.

  • The blade unit is missing on my mill jar

    There is one blade unit supplied with the product, which can be used with the blender or the mill jar.

    Remove it from the blender and attach it to the mill jar after placing the ingredients into the jar, as shown by the diagram.

  • How long is my Kenwood product guaranteed for?

    All Kenwood products carry a guarantee period of one year. The rights and benefits under this guarantee are additional to your statutory rights which are not affected. Please keep your receipt as this will form the basis of your guarantee. In the event of a breakdown please check this website for assistance.

    Kenwood undertakes within the specified period to repair or replace free of charge, any part of the appliance (with the exception of any accidental damage to acrylic, glass or porcelain ware incorporated in the product) found to be defective provided that:

    • We are promptly informed of the defect
    • The appliance has not been altered in any way or subjected to misuse or repair by a person other than an authorised service agent for Kenwood Ltd.
    • No rights under this guarantee to a person acquiring the appliance second hand or for commercial or communal use.
    • Any repaired or replaced appliance will be guaranteed on these terms for the unexpired portion of the guarantee.

    For purchases after 1st October 2013 we are delighted to offer a free 5 year guarantee on selected UK models, which includes the Titanium Chef and Major range (KMC010, KMC013, KMC015, KMM020, KMM023), Kenwood Cooking Chef (KM070, KM080), kMix Stand Mixers (KMX50, KMX80 and KMX90 series), and premium food processors (FP980, FPM800, FPM810, FP929, FP959). Please keep your receipt as this forms an important part of your guarantee.

  • My food processor will not work. What can I do?

    For your protection, there are several safety features on our food processors. It is highly likely the interlock needs a little more alignment for its first use, particularly if it is new.

    Your food processor can be operated when empty for short periods of time and we would advise the following simple steps if you have any problems:

    • Ensure the bowl handle is on the right hand side, with the control dial facing you. Start the handle at the 1 o’clock position and pull it around to the right hand side firmly.
    • Place your chosen blade in the unit.
    • Attach the lid, ensuring the feed tube (the funnel on the lid) is locked into the handle - also on the right hand side. For ease of assembly it is better to start the funnel at the 1 o’clock position and pull the lid clockwise to the right.
    • Switch the processor to the first speed, ensuring it is plugged in at the wall socket and switched on.
    • If the food processor still does not run, firmly pull the handle clockwise, towards you. It may click as it locks. The processor will then start, and subsequent interlocks will be much easier.

    Please note if your model is the FP190 series please ensure both the liquidiser, main bowl and lid are secured before use, as for safety reasons the product will not function without this.

    For further assistance please see our short tutorial video:

  • There is a burning smell from my food processor. Why is this?

    There may be a burning smell when you first use your new product. This is likely to be a ‘newness smell’ and it will lessen as you use your product more often.                                                                                                                               

    Please also ensure you do not run the unit for longer than the stated amount of time in your instruction booklet and follow instructions carefully.

  • The mill jar is missing from my food processor

    The clear cup in the package is the mill jar unit. The corresponding blade unit can be found attached to the blender. Please detach the base unit from the blender and attach it to the clear cup. The sealing ring is located inside the base unit and can be removed for cleaning. Please ensure after cleaning that the sealing is fitted correctly back onto the base unit in accordance with the instructions.

    The mill jar is perfect for small dried ingredients such as herbs, nuts and coffee beans.  

    The mill jar is not included in the FP929 or FP959 packs but is available to purchase as a spare part.

  • The sealing ring is missing

     For your convenience, the sealing ring is located within the blade unit of the blender.

    The blade unit can be removed for easy cleaning after each use.

    Please ensure the base has been screwed tightly on to the blender before use.


  • What does the maxi blend canopy do?

    The Kenwood unique maxi blend canopy, or max capacity disk, works in two ways and is aimed at increasing the efficiency of knife blade chopping.

    It increases the working capacity of the bowl and improves the chopping performance of the knife blade.

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