Kenwood Food Processors

The Kenwood Food Processor Range

Kenwood food processors will help you create new, tasty and exciting meals without spending hours preparing your food. Chop, shred and slice everything from soft fruits to hard vegetables to create dips, sauces and salads in seconds. And there's a whole range for you to choose from to find just what you're looking for.

 Not only are these food processing machines durable, capable and fully functional, they also come with a wide range of attachments. These include mini bowls, great for preparing small amounts of ingredients, slicing discs offering a variety of different cutting shapes and thicknesses and ThermoResist glass  blenders, allowing you to blend both hot and cold ingredients (available with some models).

 Available in both plastic and high quality metal finishes, all Multipro models in the Classic, Compact, Sense and Excel range feature patented dual drive technology, allowing you to run both a food processor and a blender from the same power base. This saves valuable space in the kitchen. These handy kitchen appliances don’t only slice food though. The dough tool attachment available with most Multipro models has been specially designed to knead bread ingredients by stretching, rather than cutting, the dough.