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  • Will the food processor attachment fit my Chef?

    The AT640 or AT647 Food Processor attachment will only fit the Titanium models, as these have an additional medium speed outlet. Models include the KM001, KM002, KM010, KM030, KM020, KMC010, KMC015, KMC030 and KMM020.  The Titanium range of machines have an additional medium speed outlet

    If your model is not one of the Titanium range, it may be worth considering the AT340 Pro Slicer/ Shredder attachment, which has seven discs included, for slicing, grating and julienne effects. The liquidiser and Mill jar set will carry out chopping functions and the mincer will mince meat and vegetables. The KAH647PL Food Processor for the high speed attachment, which will fit all models (except A701/ A707) can be purchased by clicking here.

    Spares for Kenwood products, including many of our older products, are available from Kenwood Spares via their website at http://www.4kenwood.co.uk/. Alternatively they can be contacted by calling 0844 557 3653. In either case please have your model number ready when ordering, which is embossed on the underside of the power unit.

    Kitchen machine accessories can be purchased from our website at http://www.kenwoodworld.com/uk/products/food-mixers/chef-major-attachments.


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