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KMC570 Manuals/ FAQs/ Support

  • How old is my Chef?

    We are proud to be able to say that the Kenwood Chef and Major have been manufactured for over 60 years.  

    The list below will help you identify how old your machine is. Your model number can be found on the underside of the machine.

    Older Chef Models

    1950 – 1957    A700 Chef

    1953 1958    A706 Major

    1957 – 1960    A700D Chef

    1958 – 1963    A706D Major

    1960 – 1962    A701 Chef

    1960 – 1966    A320 Chefette Hand Mixer

    1962 – 1976    A701A Chef

    1963 – 1966    A707 Major

    1966 – 1979    A707A Major

    1969 – 1978    A702 Chef 110V

    1969 – 1976    A717 Major 110V

    1973 – 1979    A355 Chefette

    1979 – 1981    A717C Major

    1976 – 1981    A901 Chef (Current attachments fit this machine, and later models)

    1980 – 1982    A530 Processor Deluxe

    1981 – 1985    A901DL Chef Deluxe

    1981 – 1987    A907D Major

    1982 – 1989    A532/4 Food Processor

    1983 – 1985    A375 Chefette

    1983 – 1988    A902 Chef Excel

    1984 – 1987    A904 Chef Excel

    1992 1998    KM200 Chef

    1998 2006    KM300 Chef

    2003 – 2006    KM001/2/3 Chef

    2006 – 2013    KM336, KMC510, KMC560, KM010, KM020

    2009 Current KM069, KM070, KM080 Cooking Chef

    2012 Current KM337, KMC010, KMC030, KM400, KMM020, KMC570

    2013 Current KM353/5/7 series Classic Retro Chef.

    2014 - Current KVC5000/KVC6000 Chef Sense (New slow speed attachment system)


  • Where can I purchase a dust cover for my Chef/Major?

    Spares and accessories for Kenwood products, including many of our older products, are available from Kenwood Spares via their website at Alternatively they can be contacted by calling 0844 557 3653.

    In either case please have your model number ready when ordering, which is embossed on the underside of the power unit.

  • Will the food processor attachment fit my Chef?

    The AT640 or AT647 Food Processor attachment will only fit the Titanium models, as these have an additional medium speed attachment point. Models include the KM001, KM002, KM010, KM020, KM030, KMC030, KMC015, KM023, KMC023, KM013, KMC013, KMC010 and KMM020.  The Titanium range has an additional Medium speed outlet

    If your model is not one of the Titanium range, it may be worth considering the AT340 Pro Slicer/ Grater attachment, which has seven discs included, for slicing, grating and julienne effects. The AT337, AT358, AT339 blender and AT320 mill jar set will carry out chopping functions and the AT950 mincer will mince meat and vegetables. These attachments, with the exception of the AT950, fit onto the high speed power outlet.  The AT950 uses the slow speed power outlet.

    The new KAH647 fits on the high speed attachment and this will fit all Chef models produced since 1976. This can be purchased by clicking here. (Stock permitting)

  • Which ice cream attachment will fit my Chef or Major?

    The model number of the Ice Cream Attachment is on the underside of the display box. It will either be:

    AT956 – Fits the CHEF range (AT956A or AT956B)

    AT957 – Fits the MAJOR range (AT957A or AT957B)

    KAB956PL - Fits the Chef Sense

    KAB957PL - Fits the Chef Sense XL

    If you are having difficulty fitting the attachment to your machine, it may help to check the paddle. Imprinted on the paddle will be either a ‘C’ (for Chef), or ‘M’ (for Major). This is another useful way to check you have the correct attachment if the box has been disposed of. The AT957 will fit your Cooking Chef.

  • I have an older Chef or Major. Where can it be serviced or repaired?

    We are delighted to be able to offer an outside guarantee repair service for our Chef and Major models, for customers within the UK. The price bands are as follows:

     Band 1: £50.00 – This is for repairs such as:  Switch, Speed Control, re-greasing, head lift lever and other smaller repairs.

     Band 2: £75.00 – Motor or Gearbox, Planet Hub, etc.

     Band 3: £100.00 - Motor and switch, Gearbox and Hub

     Band 4: £125.00 – Replacement of both Motor & Gearbox etc.

    The above price includes the Collection and re-delivery. Collections are all-day appointments, but we can arrange for the machine to be collected from another address if this is more convenient. Your machine will need to be well packaged for the journey.

    If you do not wish to go ahead with the repair after you have been given the quotation then there will be a £15.00 charge to cover postage to release your mixer for return.

    Regrettably this service is currently unavailable for A700 - A707 series models.

    If you would like to arrange collection of your machine, please use the 'Contact Us' option and include as much information as possible about the model number and fault you are experiencing, along with your full contact details.



  • I am missing the spanner from my Chef or Major

    Unless you have purchased a Chef Sense model, the spanner is located within the packaging for the creaming beater. Please open this packaging and you will find the spanner tucked behind the display card in the top of the packet.

    The spanner can be used to adjust the height of your attachments, in order to ensure perfect results every time. Alternatively an adjustable spanner can be used.

  • The K-Beater/ dough hook is missing

    The K-Beater and Dough Hook are both tucked into the polystyrene within the product packaging.

    Please lift the polystyrene out of the box turn it over and check inside. These have been placed there to avoid damage during transportation.

  • Why does there seem to be a lot of mixture left on the sides and bottom of the bowl?

    The bowl tool may need adjusting. There is a nut located at the top of the K-beater, whisk, dough hook and creaming beater.

    Using a spanner, loosen this nut and you will then then be able to adjust the length of the shaft up or down. For the best results the attachment should be as close to the base of the bowl as possible without actually touching it. When you have found the required position, tighten the nut back up.

    The Creaming beater is perfect for mixes that tend to stick to the side of the bowl more and can be purchased separately if it was not included with your pack.

    For further assistance please see our short video tutorial:


  • Grease is leaking from my Chef or Major. What should I do?

    The gears within your Chef or Major are coated in a food grade grease and this can occasionally seep from where the tools fit. This is more likely if your machine is more than 40 years old, stored for a long time without use, or stored on its side. It is recommended that you store the Chef in an upright position when not in use.

    Very occasionally an oil leak can occur with a new machine and this is normally due to transportation and storage conditions.

    The oil is vegetable based and completely safe. It can be wiped away with a piece of kitchen towel. Your Chef/ Major should not require lubricating in its normal lifetime. However if the machine has lost a considerable amount of grease after a long time in storage it may be worth considering having the machine serviced.


  • The whisk/ K-beater is knocking against the bowl. What can I do?

    You may need to adjust the height of the bowl tool. With the mixer switched off and unplugged, insert the beater or whisk and lower the mixer head.

    Check the clearance between the tool and the bottom of the bowl. Ideally the tool should be almost touching the bottom of the bowl.

    If the clearance needs to be adjusted, raise the mixer head and remove the tool. Using a suitable spanner loosen the nut sufficiently to allow adjustment of the shaft. To lower the tool closer to the bottom of the bowl, turn the tool shaft anti-clockwise. To raise the tool away from the bottom of the bowl turn the shaft clockwise. Tighten the nut.

    Fit the tool to the mixer and lower the mixer head. Check its position. Repeat the above steps as necessary until the tool is set correctly. Once this is achieved tighten the nut securely. No adjustment of the dough hook is necessary.


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