Food Mixers

About the Kenwood Food Mixer range

The Kenwood kitchen machine range of Food Mixers offer total versatility with a choice of machines to suit your requirements, combining traditional Kenwood performance and value with all the contemporary features you'd expect from a 21st century food mixer. You can choose from either an entry level Prospero Food Mixer or the revolutionary Kenwood Cooking Chef - the only food mixer to cook your meal.

The Kenwood range of Food Mixers includes the Cooking Chef, Chef and Major, kMix and Prospero.

  • Multi One

    Multi One

    When it comes to food prep, the new Kenwood MultiOne really is one solution for everything. Slice, chop and grate with the food processor...

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  • Cooking Chef

    Food Mixers Listing Kenwood UK Cooking Chef

    Cooking Chef Food Mixer adds a revolutionary new dimension to the art of cooking. It's all the kitchen machine you'll ever need.

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  • Chef and Major

    Kenwood UK Chef and Major Food Mixer Listing

    Titanium Chef and Major Food Mixers represent the best of Kenwood design and engineering know-how. It's for the discerning connoisseur.

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  • kMix Stand Mixers

    Kenwood kMix Stand Mixers Listing

    kMix Stand Mixers - Simplicity and function, a combination which brings to life design harmony.

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  • Prospero

    Kenwood UK Prospero Food Mixer Listing

    If you're short of space or just starting out, you'll need a small and simple Food Mixer like Prospero that does it all.

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  • Patissier

    Food Mixer

    Looking for an everyday mixer to add a touch of style and inspiration to your baking? Great retro colours and clean, simple efficiency...

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  • Chef and Major Attachments

    Chef and Major Attachments

    Find all the attachments you will need for your Chef and Major Food Mixers from Kenwood.

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  • kMix Attachments

    Kenwood kMix Stand Mixers Attachment Listing

    Mix and match from a range of powerful and practical attachments to get your kMix Stand Mixers working just the way you want it.

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  • Prospero Attachments

    Prospero Attachments

    Find all the attachments you will need for your Kenwood Prospero Kitchen Machines Food Mixers range.

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