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  • My instruction book is in the wrong language. What can I do?

    We are sorry to hear your recipe book is in the wrong language. Please fill in the contact form on our website and we will send a replacement book. Please include the manufacturing code and model number.

    Both the model number and our manufacturing reference code can be found on the underside of your machine. Our manufacturing reference code will be four or five digits, for example 99K35. It will be faintly stamped into the underside of the product or near the rating label where the model number will be found. You may need a good light source to see it.

    The English Language Recipe Book is also attached to this article. Please note this a large file and may take some time to download.

  • Are there any other shaped bread pans available for my bread maker?

    There is a round pan available for the BM450, which includes a kneader.

    Spares and accessories for Kenwood products, including many of our older products, are available from Kenwood Spares via their website at Alternatively they can be contacted by calling 0844 557 3653.

    In either case please have your model number ready when ordering, which is embossed on the underside of the power unit.


  • Can any of your bread makers make gluten free bread?

    All new models have gluten free settings and include recipes – models include BM260, BM366 and BM450. However the older models - for example the BM200 - do not have a suitable setting for this purpose.

  • I have plugged in my bread maker but nothing has happened. Is it broken?

    Kenwood bread makers come with an on/off switch situated under the right hand handle on the BM150 and on the rear of the BM250, BM450 and BM260/BM366.

    Make sure you plug the appliance in before turning the on/off switch, and always turn it off before unplugging the appliance.

  • What is artisan dough?

    Artisan bread requires a very small amount of yeast due to the longer rising process it is put through.  The longer the rise, the more fermentation occurs which means there is a lot more flavour in the final loaf.  Yeast uses the sugar to rise so any more than a tiny amount of yeast will mean the dough rises too much over the 3-4 hours time period and will then collapse.  The smaller the amount of yeast, the longer it takes to use all the sugar which means by the end of the rise there is more flavour left in the dough.  The mixture is usually wetter than conventional dough which helps create the glucose needed to sustain the long rise.

    Please see below for a recipe for making artisan dough with your BM450 bread maker.

  • Where can I get my Kenwood product repaired under guarantee?

    A list of Kenwood approved repair agents can be viewed by clicking on the following link:

    Please remember to bring your proof of purchase with you if your product is still within guarantee. If there are no agents within 20 miles of where you live please contact us, remembering to include the model number and our manufacturing reference code. Please also explain the nature problem you are having in as much detail as possible. 

  • Can I make hot cross buns with my bread maker?

    Here is a hot cross bun recipe suitable for bread makers. Alternatively select the dough cycle and bake in the oven.





    Semi –Skimmed Milk



    Eggs (medium)



    Strong White Bread Flour






    Golden caster sugar






    Mixed spice



    Dried Yeast

    1 ½ tsp


    Add Fruit When Alert Sounds



    Luxury Dried mixed fruit, chopped



    Cut mixed peel



    Glace Cherries, chopped



    Use Sweet Setting + Medium Crust Colour



    Brush with a little golden syrup while warm to glaze

    For more bread maker recipes see our website.

  • Can I substitute milk for powdered milk in a recipe for my bread machine?

    You can use powdered milk instead of fresh milk but you will need to make the milk first. Check the directions on the milk powder packet for instructions and make the required amount.

  • Can I leave the powdered milk out of the recipe?

    Yes you can – it is there to improve the taste and looks of the finished loaf, but can be left out with substitution in a recipe.

  • Why is there no 500g recipe for brown and wholemeal bread?

    We do not recommend baking a 500g loaf of brown bread in the bread maker because the results were not suitable for inclusion. For best result the minimum recommended loaf size for brown or wholemeal bread is 750g.

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