Hand Blender with Masher HB724

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Discover the Triblade

Discover the features of the New Kenwood Triblade system with triple blade technology for faster, easier and cleaner results.

  1. Ergonomic design with SureGrip handle

    For comfort, the power unit has an ergonomically designed SureGrip handle with a central exit point for the cord.

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  2. Removable Blending Wand

    Available in white plastic or a metal finish.

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  3. 3 Blade Technology

    The 3 blade system along with the unique foot design makes it 50% more efficient at chopping and blending ingredients, saving time and effort.

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  4. Unique Foot Design

    The 6 blending ribs have been added to break up the vortex. As liquid hits the blending ribs it bounces back towards the blades, maximising performance. Splashing is minimised due to the smaller castellated exit paths.

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  5. 700 Watt Motor

    In conjunction with the innovative Triblade technology the extra power produces fast, effective blending performance and can operate several different attachments.

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  6. Variable Speed Plus Turbo Boost Button

    Provides a burst of power at optimum speed, perfect for blending raw vegetables or harder ingredients

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